Most Scariest Ghost Sightings Around The World

Friday, Aug 28, 2020, 1:43 pm
By:Tony Williams

#7 Myrtles Plantation, America

If you are looking for the most haunted house in America you have found it! There is not one, but 12 ghosts roaming around the place. The main story centres around Chloe who was a slave at the plantation. She was also Mistress to Judge Woodruff the owner. She landed up having her ear cut off after it was found she was listening in on the family conversations. Judge Clark Woodruff thought that was a fitting punishment for a slave even though she was his mistress. It all ended with Chloe baking Judge Woodruff a poisoned cake, which unwittingly his wife and daughters ate. All three of them died and she was hanged for her crime. Now she roams the hallways and rooms of the plantations home. There are also fingerprints and hand marks that mysteriously appear on the walls and particularly a mirror that hangs in the passageway.

Myrtles Plantation, America-Most Scariest Ghost Sightings Around The World