Most Scariest Ghost Sightings Around The World

Wednesday, Jul 13, 2022, 1:43 pm
By:Tony Williams

#1 Life After Death

If you never believed in ghosts before, perhaps knowing about Zona Shue's ghost might change your mind. In 1897 Zona passed away from what was thought childbirth complications. Days after her death was ruled from natural causes Zona appeared to her mother and described how she was beaten, abused and then killed by her husband. Her body was exhumed and it was found all the evidence the ghost had given were in fact verifiable by the body. This is a case that went down in American history as the first ghost to stand in trial and give evidence. (As all her testimony as a ghost bared out true and the evidence used). Her husband was convicted of murder.

Life After Death-Most Scariest Ghost Sightings Around The World