Most Popular TV Shows Of 2013

Sunday, Aug 16, 2020, 3:56 pm
By:Tony Williams

1.Game of Thrones

This fantasy drama really is something special, but it has had a lot of money thrown at it by HBO, so you would expect it to be better than everything else on TV this year. The show is now in its third series and even though the show is quite complicated to understand, you cannot help but to be drawn into it and you will want to go back to the previous series if you are new to Game of Thrones.

Game of Thrones-Most Popular TV Shows Of 2013

2.Arrested Development

Arrested Development had its fourth series in 2013 and even though it is seen as being a bit darker, and indeed stranger, than the previous three it is still very enjoyable to watch and you will need to see every episode due to feeling sad about missing anything out. The show is clever in that it places clues for you to pick up on for later on, so it does get you really thinking, so pay attention when watching it.

Arrested Development-Most Popular TV Shows Of 2013

3.The Americans

This is a spy thriller with a twist and it does have parallels with the story a few years ago where a number of Russian spies were thrown out of the US after apparently living normal lives for a number of years. This thriller is fast paced, it is nerve wracking at times, and you also end up rooting for the main characters in a strange way. Another series is due to be on TV and you just hope it is as good as the first one.

The Americans-Most Popular TV Shows Of 2013

4.Parks & Recreation

This show is in its fifth season, but it still draws in the viewers in huge numbers. The cast is fantastic, it has some suspense in it, the writers do an amazing job at keeping you entertained, and overall it is a show that really does deserve to do as well as possible. If you want something that is quite light to watch, then this is the show for you.

Parks & Recreation-Most Popular TV Shows Of 2013


This show is now in its fourth series, but the storyline continues to build with you wondering what is going to happen next. This series saw Raylan starting to dig even further into his own family and turning up more things that he would rather have been able to avoid, but it just adds tension to the series resulting in you having to tune in to see the next episode.

Justified-Most Popular TV Shows Of 2013

6.Top of the Lake

This really is one amazing drama and it is going to grip you from the opening credits to the very end of the story. The drama is all about the police investigating the disappearance of a 12 year old girl, but it is only seven episodes long, so it does not drag on too much with this diluting the quality of the story. Instead, it is well shot, it holds your attention, and you cannot wait to find out what happens.

Top of the Lake-Most Popular TV Shows Of 2013


We all know about Hannibal in the movies, but this TV series is just as good and it really is compelling to watch. We all know the idea of the story, but it is the way that he goes about dealing with his craving that draws you in and you are going to want to watch every episode after you get to see even 30 minutes of this wonderful show.

Hannibal-Most Popular TV Shows Of 2013

8.Mad Men

Mad Men has just had its sixth series and you can expect the seventh and final series to be an absolute barnstormer. This series remains as slick as ever, the characters are as ruthless and interesting as they have been from the start and it will be a sad day when the series does indeed come to an end.

Mad Men-Most Popular TV Shows Of 2013

9.The Fall

This is a British TV show, but it is an extremely good one at that. It is set in Northern Ireland and involves the lead character investigating a number of murders and there is no doubt that it is both thrilling and gripping at the same time. It is probably one of the best shows to come out of the UK and it has started to build a major following in the US and after watching it you will understand why.

The Fall-Most Popular TV Shows Of 2013


Kiefer Sutherland has done very well for himself and Touch is yet another great show that is a major hit in 2013. The whole concept is that he is a widower who can predict events before they happen, but also has to deal with bringing up his emotionally challenged son. It is a bit of a tearjerker at times, but it is certainly enjoyable and different to other shows out there right now.

Touch-Most Popular TV Shows Of 2013

11.The Mentalist

This show has been around for a few years, but it is still a major draw and remains one of the most popular tv shows available today. It is of course based on the popular police dramas, but with twists and turns due to the main character playing a fraudulent psychic who says that he can help to solve crimes. It is a very enjoyable show and one you will love.

The Mentalist-Most Popular TV Shows Of 2013


Defiance is a Science Fiction TV series that is a major smash hit in 2013. The concept is that the world has completely changed with old species becoming extinct and new species emerging and it is up to the main characters to start to build their life in this new environment, which also includes some extra-terrestrials. A game is also built into it allowing you to take an active part and this show really will become a classic.

Defiance-Most Popular TV Shows Of 2013



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