Most Hilarious Captchas

Saturday, Aug 15, 2020, 10:06 am
By:Tony Williams

1.Oh my!!

Lick me where??? Ohhhh there???? Wow I was not expecting it to feel so goooooooddddd. You really know what you are doing!!!! Don't stop...I love my nose being licked!!!! Oh not there??

Oh my!!-Most Hilarious Captchas

2.You favor it?

This one just sounds so wrong on so many different levels and of course your mind will be trying to work out how it is favored over everything else. In all honesty it sounds more like a medical term, but it is certainly something that is probably going to bring a tear to your eye.

You favor it?-Most Hilarious Captchas

3.But how many???

This captcha is such a tease because it is telling you that it had some floozies, but it is reluctant to actually mention how many. We know it is more than one as it uses the plural, but three? Four? 100?

But how many???-Most Hilarious Captchas

4.With pleasure!!!

Well surely this is a captcha that you are going to actually quite enjoy? For once they are telling you to go and do something that is not going to be a hassle, unless you are the owner of the breast at which point it may hurt a bit.

With pleasure!!!-Most Hilarious Captchas

5.Lucky wieners

The only problem here is that gulping a wiener does sound rather hectic and it may not be as pleasurable as you may have initially thought. In actual fact it sounds like it could be quite painful and surely you are hoping for somebody that does not bite?

Lucky wieners-Most Hilarious Captchas

6.It's an annual thing?

Well this is going to be a surprise to a lot of gay people because according to this captcha it is an annual thing to be gay. The big question now is what the date is because surely you need to know in order to fully enjoy the day of gayness?

It's an annual thing?-Most Hilarious Captchas

7.Eeek not with my butt!!

So how does this captcha plan on getting things larger? What does it have in store for you? No matter what it is you just know that it is going to hurt a lot and more than likely it will bring tears to your eyes.

Eeek not with my butt!!-Most Hilarious Captchas

8.Is that a suggestion?

You have to admit that this captcha is rather unfortunate especially for the girl in the photograph. What are the odds of something like this coming up with somebody that looks hot? Imagine the shock she must have had when she was told about the captcha as well.

Is that a suggestion?-Most Hilarious Captchas


This is sick!!! How dare they actually even suggest that kind of thing. We bet that you had no idea that the captcha was so disgusting and telling you to abuse your grandkids. Hell you might not even have grandchildren in the first place.

What?????-Most Hilarious Captchas

10.Am I fat?

Perhaps this captcha is telling you that you have a weight issue, but surely ordering somebody to be anorexic is taking things a bit too far? Surely that is going to be a dangerous thing for the captcha to tell you to do?

Am I fat?-Most Hilarious Captchas

11.Checked computer history?

Now what is this captcha up to? Has it been checking out your history on your computer again and has noticed the thing that you have been spending most time watching? Do you feel ashamed and dirty now?

Checked computer history?-Most Hilarious Captchas

12.Offering advice?

So is this captcha offering advice on what you should be doing with your life? Does it know something that you do not? Is this a psychic captcha?

Offering advice?-Most Hilarious Captchas



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