Most Expensive Colleges

Monday, Jul 11, 2022, 7:36 pm
By:Tony Williams

1.Fordham College

Fordham College has a total yearly cost of $59,802 thanks to tuition fees of $43,902 and the average room costing $15,900. The scariest part is that it is not actually ranked with the education board, so you would need to take some guidance from elsewhere when deciding if it is the right place for you.

Fordham College-Most Expensive Colleges

2.Johns Hopkins University

The total cost of going here is listed as being $59,802 with this being made up of tuition fees of $45,970 and the rest with room and board. However, it does rank quite low at number 45 in the education lists, but how important that is to people is up to them.

Johns Hopkins University-Most Expensive Colleges

3.Trinity College

Trinity College is one of those names that most people know and that will always add a premium onto the cost of going there. In this instance you are looking at a total of $59,860 for a single year thanks to tuition fees of $47,560. Is it worth it? Well, the education department does rank them at number five, so yes it is.

Trinity College-Most Expensive Colleges

4.Bard College @ Simon's Rock

This college is going to cost you $60,003 and it is ranked at number 10 in the education lists. Here, the tuition fees section is going to cost you $47,313 while the boarding costs are lower here than with a number of institutions at just over $12,500.

Bard College @ Simon's Rock-Most Expensive Colleges

5.University of Chicago

The University of Chicago is going to set you back just a few dollar over $60,000 for a single year and as with most of these places of further education the vast majority is taken up with the tuition fees. At this university they cost you $46,386 and it is also good to point out that they are ranked at number of 11 when it comes to the quality of the education they provide.

University of Chicago-Most Expensive Colleges

6.Dartmouth College

Dartmouth is very well respected and that does help it to command tuition fees that were listed at $46,752. This figure is of course responsible for the average year here to be valued at $60,201 and clearly this will add up to a large sum of money during the next few years.

Dartmouth College-Most Expensive Colleges

7.Wesleyan University

According to statistics, Wesleyan has an average yearly cost of $60,214. This cost is broken down into tuition fees that cost $47,274 and board and living expenses for the rest you can see why this is really seen as being a very expensive place to study.

Wesleyan University-Most Expensive Colleges

8.Sarah Lawrence College

This college has struck a fine balance between charging a lot, but still being given a big thumbs up by the people that go there. They are ranked second best in the country and with tuition fees being listed as $48,696 it is easy to see how people from a less affluent family could struggle to get there.

Sarah Lawrence College-Most Expensive Colleges

9.Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

With tuition fees that are set at $47,819 it is easy to see that if you do indeed want to go here, then you better hope for having rich parents or getting a scholarship. The total cost for one year is $60,779, but that is still far more than people can afford.

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute-Most Expensive Colleges

10.Bard College

With a yearly cost of $61,446, Bard College is not exactly cheap. The tuition fees part is going to set you back $47,994 for a single year and this is extremely high compared to the vast majority of other places out there. This college does also rank in 16th position in the country according to the quality of the education that they offer.

Bard College-Most Expensive Colleges

11.Harvey Mudd College

This college comes a close second as the estimated cost for one year is put at $61,760. Tuition fees are $46,609, but it is slightly cheaper to stay there than at New York University and that is why it misses out on the top spot by $200.

Harvey Mudd College-Most Expensive Colleges

12.New York University

This is seen as being the most expensive college out there as the total cost for just one year is estimated to be just under $62,000. This figure includes tuition fees of $44,845 with the rest made up of living costs. However, it only ranks in 64th place for the quality of the tuition.

New York University-Most Expensive Colleges



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