Most Creative Fences

Tuesday, Mar 30, 2021, 7:15 pm
By:Tony Williams

1.Video game inspiration

What has happened here is that they have used the chain links in the fence and added colored pieces like a mosaic in order to get this visual effect. This is artistic and creative in equal measures and it is certainly a wonderful way to turn a boring fence into something cool.

Video game inspiration-Most Creative Fences


The first thing that strikes you about this is that the person must have had a lot of spare time on their hands in order to build this. You have to say that it would look cool if it had been an entire fence rather than just the end part of a wall, but it is still extremely creative.

Lego-Most Creative Fences


This fence is creative in that it incorporates metal works of art into just a normal looking fence. It would be quite boring if it was just the normal vertical slats, so at least they are trying to be slightly different and break it up even though you could trip over part of it.

Erm?-Most Creative Fences



Well this fence is certainly bright enough and the person that built it must have been glad that it was just over a short distance. You wonder what their neighbors think when they have a nice sturdy looking fence and that design next door to them?

Multi-colored-Most Creative Fences

5.Like lace

Well this fence is certainly different in that it looks like a lace pattern has been applied and once again it is very effective and it is also very decorative at the same time. This is a design that would have taken some time to create and you must say that it looks fantastic even if it does remind you of your grandmothers window dressing.

Like lace-Most Creative Fences


OK so the actual fence part itself is nothing special, but the decoration on it is certainly rather good and that is the part that is creative. This really is like a work of art and you just wonder how long it would have taken in order to make the entire thing.

Mosaics-Most Creative Fences

7.The pencil fence

This is a brilliant idea because it takes normal posts and at least makes them look less boring. Yes this takes a lot of work to get them looking like pencils, but you have to say that it is a rather cool looking fence and one that will get people to stop and check it out.

The pencil fence-Most Creative Fences

8.Kids fence

The first thing that you have to say about this fence is that it is bright and colorful and it will certainly stand out all on its own. This is a fence that is going to attract attention, but at the same time it allows children to be artistic and it is rather pleasing on the eye once it is done.

Kids fence-Most Creative Fences

9.Skis without snow

Well how many skis do you need to complete a fence like this? Clearly the person either collected them like lost golf balls or they have some strange ski fetish, but no matter how they obtained them this is certainly a fence that does the job even if it uses an unusual material.

Skis without snow-Most Creative Fences

10.Any old frames?

Some could argue that this fence is quite artistic with the way that things have been put together. You have to say that it would take some planning in order to actually get things to fit in like this and offer you some coverage for a fence, so the person has done well to get this far.

Any old frames?-Most Creative Fences

11.A wheely good fence

This fence is about as rustic as you can possibly get and there is something quite charming about it when you see all of these wheels put together in this way. It is certainly a fence that will only work in the country because could you see this in the middle of Miami?

A wheely good fence-Most Creative Fences

12.The cactus

Well what can you say about this fence apart from it is going to hurt if you run into it. From a safety point of view it is going to work extremely well, but of course this fence is not going to be possible if you stay in various parts of the world.

The cactus-Most Creative Fences



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