Most Common Dreams And Their Meaning

Wednesday, Aug 19, 2020, 2:36 pm
By:Tony Williams


You can have water in your dream in various ways and indeed how it is portrayed can tell you different things. First, if it is calm, then it shows that you are quite happy and relaxed inside, but water that is rough and full of waves will represent you being unhappy and stressed about something that is going on. A dream where you drown, or are in the process of drowning, also means that you are feeling trapped in a situation.

Water-Most Common Dreams And Their Meaning

2.Being trapped

Feeling as if you are trapped has to be one of the most common types of nightmares that people have across the world. This is also a type of dream where it is very easy to work out what it means because clearly it represents you being scared about making a decision or a feeling of being in a real life situation that you cannot get out of.

Being trapped-Most Common Dreams And Their Meaning


Why would you dream about teeth? Apparently this means that you are worried about things and if you dream about them breaking or falling out, then it is a fear of getting old and no longer being as attractive as you once were. This is especially true if you are the type of person that really does look after them.

Teeth-Most Common Dreams And Their Meaning


When at school, dreaming of it often means you are just thinking about what is ahead, but as an adult if you are dreaming about school it means something different. As an adult it often represents a need to learn more about yourself and to pay attention to the lessons that life is trying to teach you in order to improve things.

Schools-Most Common Dreams And Their Meaning


If you are dreaming of going along a very long road, then it should be quite obvious as to what is going on inside your mind. The idea here is that it is part of you actually trying to question the road you are currently on in your life and whether or not you are happy with it or need to make a change. The answer to this will depend on the length of the actual road, so pay attention to it as it could hold the key to your life.

Roads-Most Common Dreams And Their Meaning


Dreaming that you are nude is something that does not mean that you are sexually turned on at that moment in time. Instead, it is more about feeling vulnerable and a sense of being exposed to others with people seeing the real you rather than the image that you portray. This is the very stripped down person that you actually are with this being enhanced by the fact that there is nothing covering you.

Nudity-Most Common Dreams And Their Meaning

7.Missed transport

If you dream that you have missed a bus, train, or a flight, then it probably represents some regret in your psyche at a lost or missed opportunity in your life. This kind of dream has a tendency to be more prominent when you are thinking over a massive decision in your life that could change your future and the indecision can lead to this dream appearing at night.

Missed transport-Most Common Dreams And Their Meaning

8.Killing someone

Have you ever dreamt that you are in the process of killing someone or you have actually done the deed? This does not mean that you are secretly capable of doing it, but rather it represents a need to kill off something inside you such as a behavior or part of your personality that you feel is holding you back. In other circumstances it can also mean that you have something against the person you are killing and have some desire to see them suffer.

Killing someone-Most Common Dreams And Their Meaning


Believe it or not, but dreaming about hair is actually quite common, but as with many dreams it is the way in which you dream about it that is the most important part. If you dream of having loads of it, then this is supposed to represent virility, whereas if you are losing it or if you are cutting it off, then it is supposed to represent a reduction in your libido as you then feel you are unattractive.

Hair-Most Common Dreams And Their Meaning


Demons are a common nightmare to have and they will certainly freak you out if you have one. However, they do not mean that you are possessed by an evil spirit, but instead it is linked more to your emotions being repressed for whatever reason that may be. This dream could be trying to tell you that it is best if you work on changing your behavior in some way rather than being tortured by you doing the wrong things.

Demons-Most Common Dreams And Their Meaning


Have you ever had a dream about food only to wake up and be disappointed that it is a dream? People argue that it is all to do with knowledge and that it is linked to nourishment for the brain, but how true that is can certainly be debated because maybe it is just that you were hungry or some smell caught your attention earlier and you are now remembering it?

Food-Most Common Dreams And Their Meaning


Most people will dream that they are falling at some point in their lives and this is something that will often wake us up with a jolt. This is something that is directly linked to feelings of anxiety about something and in particular our inability to let go of something or a situation. We can feel as if we have lost control, and this sense of falling is deemed to represent this.

Falling-Most Common Dreams And Their Meaning


How many times have you actually found yourself dreaming about dying or death in general? This is more common than you think, but it is who is dying that is the important part. If it is a friend or relative it can represent a change in the relationship, but if it is yourself, then it can represent death of an old part of you to force you into something new. This is not paranormal stuff, but instead it is all about moving on from one part of your life to another.

death-Most Common Dreams And Their Meaning


It is perhaps not a surprise to find out that if you dream about babies, then perhaps you are secretly yearning to have one yourself. However, some argue that it can also represent a new start, or the desire to have a new start, leading to a brand new life or even the person wanting to feel loved and a sense of vulnerability.

Babies-Most Common Dreams And Their Meaning


Dreaming of animals, and in particular being chased by them, is a very common dream and they argue it is all due to the survival part of your brain being activated. The argument is that you are actually working hard at holding back on fears and there is also pent-up aggression in there as well just waiting to come out.

Animals-Most Common Dreams And Their Meaning



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