Most Amazing Yachts

Tuesday, Jul 5, 2022, 6:53 pm
By:Tony Williams

1.Streets of Monaco

If this yacht is actually completed it is surely going to be the most amazing thing to have ever been put on water. It is going to replicate Monaco and it is the dream of a Russian billionaire who simply wants to outdo every billionaire in the world with his yacht. It is difficult to know where to begin with this boat, so good luck to whoever will build it as they are going to need it.

Streets of Monaco-Most Amazing Yachts


This yacht is owned by yet another Russian billionaire and even though it is shorter than a number of others at just 360ft it does have room for 20 guests and requires almost 50 staff. Everything in this yacht is made to the highest of standards, and it cost an estimated $260 million to build, so to a billionaire this must have appeared to be a bit of a bargain.

Dilbar-Most Amazing Yachts

3.History Supreme

This yacht is alleged to have cost $4.8 billion, but that is due to what is in it rather than anything else. Scattered throughout this yacht are dinosaur bones, meteorites, and 100,000kg of gold and platinum, so you can see how this would really bump that price up to new heights. The smaller pictures give you an idea of the opulence that is inside it and it really is an astonishing yacht.

History Supreme-Most Amazing Yachts


Just to be a bit different, the Palazzo is what is known as a land yacht and it has to be one of the coolest examples of its kind available to buy. This yacht will set you back $3 million and have you ever set eyes on something as cool or bizarre as this? The large circle is your cockpit and that is where you drive it from and you know that the inside is kitted out to the highest of standards making this one luxurious yacht.

Palazzo-Most Amazing Yachts


At 525ft, this is one of the biggest private yachts in the world and at a cost of $300 million to build you can understand why its owner is the ruler and crown prince of Dubai. This does of course also mean that it is going to contain more luxury than you could ever imagine because clearly royalty is not going to scrape by on only basics.

Dubai-Most Amazing Yachts

6.Lady Moura

This yacht is actually owned by a billionaire and it is 344ft long. As you can see it has a swimming pool and a helicopter landing pad, but it also has its very own beach resort built into the boat and it slides out of the side including sand and even deckchairs. It cost an estimated $210 million to build and you can understand why as soon as you set eyes on it.

Lady Moura-Most Amazing Yachts


How futuristic does this yacht look? It is slick, it looks powerful, and most importantly it is fast. This looks like something you would draw as your fantasy boat, but this one is real and it has enough space for 12 guests and is 250ft long. It really is a unique yacht and nothing is ever going to resemble it ever again.

Oculus-Most Amazing Yachts


The Eclipse is the longest private yacht to have ever been manufactured and they say that it cost an astonishing $800 million to build. It measures 164m and it has its own submarine as well as two swimming pools and even two helicopter landing pads. Oh and if you want to be entertained you can go to the disco.

Eclipse-Most Amazing Yachts


The most amazing thing about this yacht is that it is the biggest solar powered boat to have ever been made, so while it may not be the most luxurious you cannot help but be amazed by it. Those solar panels really do help to power every single thing in the boat and indeed when the batteries are fully charged it can run for three days without stopping.

Turanor-Most Amazing Yachts


How amazingly cool is this yacht? OK it is enhanced with the lights, but imagine seeing this coming into the harbor at night because you just know that you would be standing there in awe at a stunning sight. This yacht is classed as a super-yacht and it is easy to understand how, but the amazing thing is that it only cost $15 million to build.

Adastra-Most Amazing Yachts


This yacht is only a prototype at the moment, but the very fact that people are building something that looks like this is absolutely mindblowing. You can only imagine how much it is going to cost along with how big it is going to be, so only the absolute super-rich will be able to afford it and would you ever set foot on dry land again?

Volcano-Most Amazing Yachts

12.Al Said

This yacht cost an estimated $300 million to build and it is owned by Sultan Qaboos from Oman. The scale of it is massive and you just know that it is going to be absolutely covered in luxury inside, but the surprising thing is that this is not even the biggest or most expensive yacht in the world although clearly the Sultan does have a bit of spare cash lying around.

Al Said-Most Amazing Yachts



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