Most Terrifying Vintage Halloween Costumes Ever

Monday, Aug 17, 2020, 7:07 pm
By:Tony Williams

1.Side Of Bacon

Why would anyone want to be dressed up as a slice of bacon? That's a rhetorical question, so you don't have to answer it. He really looks like a hoagie with the meat, (his head and feet) hanging out the ends. It was 1894, so what can we expect, right? Actually this is quite well done for those times.

Side Of Bacon-Most Terrifying Vintage Halloween Costumes Ever

2.Raggedy Oz

This group of raggedy moppets looks like a worn and torn version of Dorothy and her three friends that she met along the yellow brick road. The one on the far right looks like a messed up version of the cowardly lion and on the far left, a demented scarecrow. Dorothy, in white, is not your perky girl in braids, that's for sure, and that's definitely not the Tin Man, standing next to her.

Raggedy Oz-Most Terrifying Vintage Halloween Costumes Ever

3.Pajama Man

It looks like they were going for a cute bunny rabbit or mouse maybe, but instead this kid looks like an escaped insane person. It appears they took a pair of feetie pajamas, added a mask and made some ears. Didn't they sell friendly looking masks back then? It seems every mask was heinous.

Pajama Man-Most Terrifying Vintage Halloween Costumes Ever

4.You Dirty Rat

"It's Halloween, I think I'll be a giant rat, but wear my everyday clothes, such as my leather jacket," said someone long ago. It looks like this person really got into his character too, squatting down in the grass and acting like he is crawling around like a giant rat let loose on the world.

You Dirty Rat-Most Terrifying Vintage Halloween Costumes Ever

5.Demented Crew

This very old picture looks like a crew of crazed carnival people let loose from an insane asylum. The one in the middle with the black bag over their head is the spookiest of all. It's hard to figure out what most of them are trying to convey, other than illicit extreme fright in their onlookers.

Demented Crew-Most Terrifying Vintage Halloween Costumes Ever

6.Eye Like This Costume

This costume is actually very creative. Creepy yes, but there is some creativity to this one. Especially back in those days, these types of things were not so easy to make. It is probably safe to say that she won a prize for this costume, and she probably will never forget it either.

Eye Like This Costume-Most Terrifying Vintage Halloween Costumes Ever

7.Ant Eaters

These two costumes are probably one of the most disturbing ones we found. What exactly are they going for here? They look like two crazed ant eaters. It's also very funny that, back in the day, people wore their own clothes and just put on masks to hide their identity.

Ant Eaters-Most Terrifying Vintage Halloween Costumes Ever

8.Eyeless And Souless

Who bought these children these horrific masks? It's simply unbelievable that parents thought this was cute enough to send their kids out wearing, and even more disturbing that they thought it was picture worthy. They look like demon hobos, dressed to kill. In all reality, those were probably their everyday clothes, and they just put on those awful masks to go trick-or-treating.

Eyeless And Souless-Most Terrifying Vintage Halloween Costumes Ever

9.Ghastly Ghost

This ghost looks like it could actually be a real ghost with the way the picture is taken. The pointy top and face make it look more like a Klu Klux Klan member than anything else. Where were the parents when the children were putting on their costumes? Didn't they think it was strange?

Ghastly Ghost-Most Terrifying Vintage Halloween Costumes Ever

10.Children Of The Corn

If thee kids showed up on my doorstep I would slam it in their faces, lock the door and shut off all the lights. The one on the left looks like someone that is getting ready to be hung, while the two large scarecrows would scare much more than crows. And that little one looks ready for the insane asylum.

Children Of The Corn-Most Terrifying Vintage Halloween Costumes Ever

11.Don't Beat Me

This costume looks like a killer right out of the movies, such as Halloween or Friday The 13th. Maybe it's the black and white photos or the demented looking mask, but it doesn't hurt that he is holding a weapon. Actually it would hurt if he hit you with it.

Don't Beat Me-Most Terrifying Vintage Halloween Costumes Ever

12.Creepy Times Three

What is it about Halloween costumes before the 1970's that are just utterly disturbing? Maybe it was those hideous masks, and the fact that most people made the rest of the costume. This photo of three kids going out trick-or-treating is beyond scary. They look more like adults ready to kill.

Creepy Times Three-Most Terrifying Vintage Halloween Costumes Ever



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