Most Expensive Sports In The World

Tuesday, Aug 18, 2020, 10:02 am
By:Tony Williams


Sailboat racing is a very expensive sport. The most expensive part is purchasing the boat. You can choose a smaller size, but they are still in the thousands. After that, you'll have entry fees into races plus the cost of gear such as wetsuits. There are also high costs to store the boat and for maintaining the boat.

Sailing-Most Expensive Sports In The World


Polo is an expensive sport because it requires you to purchase a horse, pay for boarding and maintenance of the horse, and transportation for the horse to competitions. There are also high insurance premiums for this high risk sport where injuries prevail, and medical costs to contend with.

Polo-Most Expensive Sports In The World

3.Ski Jumping

Skiing is a lot of fun, but is also very expensive. You've got the skis, themselves, ski poles, ski boots, ski pants, long underwear, a ski jacket, a ski hat, ski goggles, ski gloves, and a turtleneck, and that just covers getting dressed. Then you need lift tickets, and if you plan to complete, you'll need training.

Ski Jumping-Most Expensive Sports In The World


To be a competitor bobsledder, you need a good bobsled, no make that an elite bobsled. You'll also need sponsors and money for training. Oh, and you need teammates and uniforms. It's a great sport, but you need to live in a climate wher you can practice, or there is that fee as well.

Bobsledding-Most Expensive Sports In The World


The Pentathlon is five sports in one. You will be competing in swimming, horseback riding, fencing, running and shooting. Add up the coasts of having to own a horse, a gun, running gear, swimming gear and a fencing foil, and you can begin to realize how expensive this sport is.

Pentathlon-Most Expensive Sports In The World

6.Formula 1 Racing

To race Formula 1 race cars it will cost you $190.000 just to enter. That's doesn't include the super duper race car that you'll need where one tire probably costs as much as the car you drive now. There are health insurance costs and medical costs involved as well.

Formula 1 Racing-Most Expensive Sports In The World

7.Equestrian Sports

Equestrian sports are some of the prettier sports, bringing animal and human together as one. The sport is very expensive though. Just to store a horse is beyond the majority of the public's reach, not to mention the cost to purchase a good horse. There's also maintenance fees and entry fees.

Equestrian Sports-Most Expensive Sports In The World


To do any type of competitive bike racing you're going to need a good bike. The bike needs to be light and aerodynamic. One of the best racing bikes, the Pinarello Dogma 65.1 Think 2 goes for $11,999 when fully built, and that doesn't include the other gear and your replacement bikes.

Bicyling-Most Expensive Sports In The World

9.The Whitianga Festival of Speed

Held in New Zealand every year, the Whitianga Festival of Speed blends a multitude of sports together, including a jet ski race, rally car race, helicopter race, powerboat race and parachute swooping. The finances needed for all the equipment alone is in the six figure area, at least.

The Whitianga Festival of Speed-Most Expensive Sports In The World

10.Hot Air Balloon Racing

Funny idea to race hot air balloons, but it's a sport. The hot air balloon, with all its equipment is out of a lot of people's reach, however the sport is going strong. Entry fees are really high, and you also need somewhere to sore the balloon when you are not using it. Very pricey.

Hot Air Balloon Racing-Most Expensive Sports In The World


To get into the sport of wingsuiting you'll, of course, need a wingsuit which can cost up to $2,500. With this sport comes lessons and lots of other gear, as well as a plane, insurance and a pilot. It's quite an expensive sport and is a high risk sport, so the insurance could be hefty.

Wingsuiting-Most Expensive Sports In The World

12.Sky Diving

Skydiving is one of the most expensive sports you'll ever do. The equipment package that you need to do it successfully, and believe me, you'll want to do it successfully, is $7,089. That could cover you main chute and the all important reserve shoot, plus the harness and that doesn't even include your jumpsuit and helmet.

Sky Diving-Most Expensive Sports In The World



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