Most Common Reasons To Commit Suicide

Thursday, Jul 30, 2020, 7:06 am
By:Tony Williams

1.Running From The Law

Often people who have committed a crime and are facing a trial or jail time will attempt to outrun the law. Finding that they are cornered, they may see no other alternative than to commit suicide. Fearing jail more than death, they see this as an out, only death is final, and they would eventually be released from jail.

Running From The Law-Most Common Reasons To Commit Suicide


Sometimes people die by accident and at their own hand. They may drop the hair dryer in the toilet and instinctively reach for it, electrocuting themselves, or maybe they took too many pill from their medication. They never intended to commit suicide, but died accidentally. Be more careful, especially when you're alone.

Mistake-Most Common Reasons To Commit Suicide

3.A Cry For Help

Attempted suicide may often be a cry of help. The individual is tentative about committing the act so may end with a failed attempt. What they really want is for someone to help them because they are unable to help themselves. Know the signs, and be there for those you love if you see signs of depression or isolation.

A Cry For Help-Most Common Reasons To Commit Suicide

4.Mental Illness

Mental illness such as schizophrenia and psychosis can cause people to commit suicide. Voices in their heads often command them to end their lives. Untreated individuals can get worse, leading to committing the act of suicide. Hospital admission may be necessary. If you, or someone you love, suffers from mental illness, get help.

Mental Illness-Most Common Reasons To Commit Suicide

5.Disenfranchised With The World

World issues can have a huge impact on how someone feels. If they feel the world is not worth living in anymore they may decide to check out. This problem is usually coupled with other problems, such as depression or anger, which are both treatable. If you know someone like this, get them help.

Disenfranchised With The World-Most Common Reasons To Commit Suicide

6.Loved One dies

When someone close to you dies, you can feel an incredible sense of loss. Some people feel that they cannot go on, overcome with grief, they feel as though their life is over, too. Worse yet, they try to take their own lives to go be with the one they love, but life goes on, the pain subsides, and it does get better.

Loved One dies-Most Common Reasons To Commit Suicide


Drug induced suicide is a common problem. Overdosing on drugs by accident, or overuse over a period of time, can and will kill you. There is no good reason to abuse drugs and anyone who feels dependent on them, should seek help immediately. Did you know you can actually get high without drugs?

Drugs-Most Common Reasons To Commit Suicide


When suffering from a long term illness, that causes never ending pain, some people feel that they would rather die. They don't see a light at the end of the tunnel and would rather not exist than continue to suffer. There are always alternatives and other medications that can help, though, and they should not suffer in silence.

Illness-Most Common Reasons To Commit Suicide

9.Losing A Job

Losing a job can spiral someone into a place where they feel the only out is to kill themselves. As bills mount, they may lose their car, their house and their family, ending up on the streets. Maybe they're too embarrassed, or too proud, to ask for help from family or friends, and believe their only choice is to end it all. Family and good friends would always rather help than lose you.

Losing A Job-Most Common Reasons To Commit Suicide

10.Feeling Worthless

When someone feels worthless, they feel that their family, loved ones, friends and the world, is better off without them. Feeling like they contribute nothing to society or to their partner, makes them want an out, a way to escape the emptiness they feel. They believe suicide is the answer. No one is ever worthless.

Feeling Worthless-Most Common Reasons To Commit Suicide


Anger can be a symptom of depression, but can also be a stand alone symptom that causes people to kill themselves. Some people live in anger, they can't seem to lift themselves out of that vibration, and worse yet they cannot control their impulses. They may commit suicide in a fit of anger, or after they have hurt, or killed someone else. Anger management classes are important to seek out.

Anger-Most Common Reasons To Commit Suicide


The most common reason most people commit suicide is depression. In an attempt to escape the hopelessness that they feel, they think this is the only way out. Depression is a treatable condition, but sometimes people suffering form this disease suffer silently, not seeking help, and without loved ones knowing, they can't offer help either.

Depression-Most Common Reasons To Commit Suicide



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