Most Common Lies Told By Humans

Wednesday, Aug 19, 2020, 9:02 am
By:Tony Williams

1.I've Only Slept With 3 People

Sleeping with three people seems to be the magical number, and lie, that a lot of women tell a new man that they've just met. It's usually their first love, the recent ex-boyfriend and you. This makes them appear less slutty, but not inexperienced. Men buy it because they want to believe they are blazing a trail in uncharted land, or least the path less traveled.

I've Only Slept With 3 People-Most Common Lies Told By Humans

2.Size Doesn't Matter

Whoever said size doesn't matter was small. That's all there is too it. Size matters in many things, but we don't want to offend anyone. However, when someone does tell you that size doesn't matter, rest assured it does matter to them, and they think you're smaller than an acceptable size.

Size Doesn't Matter-Most Common Lies Told By Humans

3.Let's Keep In Touch

When someone says "let's keep in touch," they often mean via social networking, but not in real life. With FaceBook, Google Plus, Twitter, Pinterest, and many others, we can spy on other people's lives without actually having to talk to them. Most times, "let's keep in touch," is the kiss of death of any real, in person, relationship.

Let's Keep In Touch-Most Common Lies Told By Humans

4.I Wasn't Checking Him, Or Her, Out

Sometimes we can't help but check out a good looking person as they walk by, or as we walk by. It's perfectly fine if you're alone, or your significant other doesn't see you do it, but what happens when they see your wandering eye? We just tell them we weren't checking out the other person.

I Wasn't Checking Him, Or Her, Out-Most Common Lies Told By Humans

5.Misplaced My Phone

We all expect our friends and family to be available to us 24/7, or at least 16/7, we'll give them a break if they're sleeping. However, sometimes we just don't want to be bothered answering a call. How do we get out of it? We misplaced our phone, of course.

Misplaced My Phone-Most Common Lies Told By Humans

6.There Was Really Bad Traffic

Traffic is another good excuse, that is if it's really true, but many of use that lie if we are late to pick someone up or meet someone. With traffic being unpredictable it's a believable lie, unless you make it a habit. Employers don't usually fall for it since you are supposed to be better at managing your time.

There Was Really Bad Traffic-Most Common Lies Told By Humans

7.My Phone died

This is a great excuse, and lie, that almost everyone has told at one point or another. Now that we have our phones on us constantly it's hard to say why you didn't answer, or at least call back within a reasonable amount of time. Saying your phone died involves no further explanation.

My Phone died-Most Common Lies Told By Humans

8.This Is Delicious

If someone goes through the trouble of cooking for you, it's hard to tell them that you don't like it. Instead you try to get it down as quickly as possibly, or maybe even spit it out in a napkin, all the while telling them it's delicious. It's like the mutton episode of Seinfeld, when Jerry spit the mutton out in a napkin and hid it in his jacket pockets.

This Is Delicious-Most Common Lies Told By Humans

9.I Love It

It's not nice to admit that you don't like a present that someone just gave you. Instead we act appreciative and say that we love it, and then take it back to the store the next day. When someone really does tell you what they think of your present you get upset, like as if you were the one who designed it.

I Love It-Most Common Lies Told By Humans

10.It's Really Good To See You

Sometimes we are not all that glad to see someone. Can we say so? No. We have to feign excitement in order to not insult them. We feel bad if someone knew our true feelings about seeing them, but maybe if we were more truthful we wouldn't have to endure seeing them again.

It's Really Good To See You-Most Common Lies Told By Humans

11.You Look Great In That Outfit

We do it mainly not to hurt people's feelings. Even when they ask for our honest opinion we don't want to make them feel bad by telling them how awful their outfit really is. Instead we praise the outfit, telling them they look great. It's a little white lie, but sometimes the truth can top them from making a fool of themselves in public.

You Look Great In That Outfit-Most Common Lies Told By Humans

12.I'm On My Way

How many times have you done this very thing. You're late to meet someone, but you don't want to admit it. You say you're on your way to avoid them being mad at you. But what happens when it takes way longer to get there because you haven't even left the house yet?

I'm On My Way-Most Common Lies Told By Humans



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