Medical Miracles

Sunday, Aug 23, 2020, 10:17 am
By:Tony Williams

1.Michael Hill - Survived a Knife Through Skull

Michael Hill survived an eight inch knife through his skull. With the knife still in his head, and sticking out the top, he walked to a friend's house for a lift to teh hospital. He made the Guinness Book of World Records for the "Largest Object Removed From The Human Skull," and suffered some brain damage and paralysis in his left hand.

Michael Hill - Survived a Knife Through Skull-Medical Miracles

2.Terry Wallis - Survives 19 Year Coma

Terry Wallis was left in a vegetative state and a quadriplegic 20 years ago, when his truck skidded off of a bridge. It was believed he would never recover. His family never lost hope, and tended to him at home, talking to him and having him attend all family events. Nineteen years later he uttered his first word, not realizing how much time had passed, and thinking he was still 20 years old.

Terry Wallis - Survives 19 Year Coma-Medical Miracles

3.Roy Horn - Survives Tiger Attack On Stage

Siefried and Roy were a top billing show on the Vegas show. Appearing with their home bred tigers, the magical act dazzled millions, until, during one show in 2003, their prized white tiger, Montecore, bit Roy, who had fainted on stage, and dragged him off stage by the neck, in front of an entire audience. Some thought it was part of the show, but backstage everyone knew differently. Roy suffered a massive stroke from the punctured arteries after the tiger tore into his neck. Near death and losing part of his skull and the use of his left arm, and most of his left leg, Roy always insisted that the tiger was trying to save him, not hurt him.

Roy Horn - Survives Tiger Attack On Stage-Medical Miracles

4.Charla Nash - Survives Monkey Attack To Face

Charla Nash was friends with Sandra and Jerome Harold, who owned Travis, a talented primate that appeared in television shows and in commercials. In the winter of 2009, Travis stole Sandra's car keys and left the house. Charla had come over to help Sandra get Travis back into the house. Without warning Travis attacked Charla, blinding her and severing off both her hands, her nose and her ears. Sandra hit the chimp with a shovel, and then resorted to stabbing him with a butcher knife. After seven hours of surgery, she was left blind and became a face transplant survivor.

Charla Nash - Survives Monkey Attack To Face-Medical Miracles

5.Bethany Hamilton - Shark Attack Took Surfer's Arm

At the young age of thirteen, Bethany Hamilton was surfing in Kauai with her best friend and her best friend's father, when she was attacked by a 15 foot tiger shark, ripping her arm off at the shoulder. With the help of her friend and her friend's father, she paddled back to shore, losing 60% of her blood, putting her into hypovolaemic shock. Making a full recovery and having the highest of spirits, a movie was made with her character being played by Carrie Underwood.

Bethany Hamilton - Shark Attack Took Surfer's Arm-Medical Miracles

6.Martin Jones - Gets Eyesight Back After Tooth Implanted In Eye

Martin Jones lost his sight when a tub of white hot aluminum hit his face during an explosion at a scrapyard. Suffering 37 percent burns, and required to wear a body stocking over his face for 23 hours per day, he also lost his left eye. His right eye remained in tact, but he was unable to see from it, until doctors used a minuscule section of his canine tooth, and some skin grafted from the inside of his cheek. The grafted skin was placed under the eyelid for two months to acquire a blood supply and then the chiseled piece of tooth was placed into the skin pouch under the eyelid. Eventually he regained use of his eye.

Martin Jones - Gets Eyesight Back After Tooth Implanted In Eye-Medical Miracles

7.Katrina Burgess - Body Held Together By 11 Rods

At just 17 years old, Katrina Burgess survived a car crash at 70 mph, with a broken neck and back, two punctured lungs, a broken pelvis, broken ribs and a broken left leg. Close to death, she endured operations to have 11 metal rods inserted into her body to hold her bones together. Five months later, Katrina was walking and is free of painkillers. The best part is that the beautiful teen is now a model at a modeling agency.

Katrina Burgess - Body Held Together By 11 Rods-Medical Miracles

8.Alcides Moreno - Window Washer Survives 47 Story Fall

Thirty seven year old Alcides Moreno was a skyscraper working with his brother on some scaffolding in New York when suddenly they were both plummeted 47 stories to the ground, hitting the concrete. His brother passed away and he was left in a vegetative state. Three weeks later he suddenly spoke on Christmas Day, and a month later left the hospital without the use of his legs, but was told he would be able to walk again in less than a year.

Alcides Moreno - Window Washer Survives 47 Story Fall-Medical Miracles

9.David Blancarte - Spider Bite Gives Him Use Of Legs Again

David Blancarte has been in a wheelchair for twenty years, unable to move his legs after a motorcycle almost killed him. After being bitten by a brown recluse spider, he was hospitalized for eight months. During physical therapy a nurse saw his leg spasm and after some tests and five days, David could walk again.

David Blancarte - Spider Bite Gives Him Use Of Legs Again-Medical Miracles

10.Connie Culp - First Human Face Transplant

Connie Culp endure thirty operations to become the first face transplant in the United States ever. When her face was destroyed in 2004, by a gunshot wound to the face at the hands of her husband, the 46 year old was left without a nose. With her cheeks shattered and the roof of her mouth, cheeks and eye shattered, she was severely deformed.

Connie Culp - First Human Face Transplant-Medical Miracles

11.Shannon and Mike Gimbel - Had To Choose One Twin to Live, But Both Survived

When Shannon Gimbel was pregnant with her twins daughters, she and her husband Mike, were told that they would need to terminate one of the babies or both babies wouldn't make it full term. The babies had Twin-To-Twin Syndrome (TTTS), where they were connected by blood vessels, and one twin would drain the other one over time and then both would die. In a turn of events, doctors in Utah were able to use laser surgery to cauterize the blood vessels while the twins were still in the womb, disconnecting the twins from each other. Both twins survived.

Shannon and Mike Gimbel - Had To Choose One Twin to Live, But Both Survived-Medical Miracles

12.D'Zahana Simmons - Teen Lived 118 Days Without Heart

D'Zhanna Simmons made medical history when she survived for 118 days without a heart in her body. When the 14 year old received a new heart through transplant surgery to replace her enlarged heart, the new heart was defective. The doctors made the decision to remove that heart, but no replacement, they inserted two artificial pumps to keep her blood flowing. She survived 118 days until a new heart became available for a successful heart transplant.

D'Zahana Simmons - Teen Lived 118 Days Without Heart-Medical Miracles



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