Korean Foods You Should Try

Friday, Jul 15, 2022, 4:47 pm
By:Tony Williams


This is beef rib soup and it does both look and taste amazing. It takes some time to cook to make sure that the beef is nice and tender and just falls away and ultimately this is one Korean soup that should certainly appear on your very own menu.

Galbitang-Korean Foods You Should Try


These are grilled short ribs and it is certainly a nice alternative to the BBQ ribs that you may already be used to. They can be spiced to add a different taste to them and ultimately you can enjoy them with perhaps some rice to go alongside them.

Galbi-Korean Foods You Should Try

3.Jeonbok Juk

This is a rice porridge and includes some abalone. It is thick, filling, and also rather tasty as well and lets face it that is the main thing in all of this. You can of course add extra things to it in order to alter the taste, but the rice is the key part in all of this.

Jeonbok Juk-Korean Foods You Should Try

4.Soft tofu stew

This is quite a wholesome meal and it will certainly fill you right up if you manage to complete the dish. The tofu certainly adds a bit of bulk to it, but overall it is a brilliant stew and one you need to check out.

Soft tofu stew-Korean Foods You Should Try

5.San Nakji

Yes the picture here does let you know that you are about to eat octopus, but they do make sure that it is a baby one for some peculiar reason. This is a dish where you will probably back out of and nobody could blame you when you just look at it.

San Nakji-Korean Foods You Should Try

6.Dalk Galbi

This is a marinated chicken mixed with vegetables and it is certainly quite tasty to try. Yes the marinade could be quite sweet for some people, but it is generally not too overpowering and it will end up being quite satisfactory for most taste buds.

Dalk Galbi-Korean Foods You Should Try

7.Korean fried chicken

This is basically like KFC, but Korean style, so it is slightly different, but not by a huge amount. You must know that they love their chicken in this country, so it is certainly worth giving it a shot and see if you prefer this to what the Colonel makes.

Korean fried chicken-Korean Foods You Should Try


The one thing that will tend to put people off this dish is that it actually is spicy chicken feet. The mere thought can turn a lot of stomachs and there is no doubt that you need to have nerves of steel to try them the first time, but they are a Korean delicacy, so perhaps have a go.

Dalkbal-Korean Foods You Should Try


This is Korean spicy chicken and there is no doubt that it is indeed spicy and something you should absolutely love. It is certainly hot enough to get those spice lovers interested in the dish, but it should not be enough to blow the seat off your pants.

Buldalk-Korean Foods You Should Try


This is grilled marinated beef done Korean style, so there are some rather subtle flavors in there and it is certainly not that spicy unless you want it that way of course. The beef itself is kept tender and ultimately if you are looking for a red meat fix, then this is something you should consider.

Bulgogi-Korean Foods You Should Try

11.Ginseng chicken soup

This is undoubtedly chicken soup with a difference and there is no doubt that it tastes absolutely fantastic. You will find that it is more filling than you are used to and ultimately as long as you love chicken, then this is going to appeal to you.

Ginseng chicken soup-Korean Foods You Should Try

12.Stir fried anchovies

If you love anchovies, then this is going to be a recipe that you will absolutely love. It is stir fried, delicate to the taste, and even though it is not going to be the most filling of meals it will at least keep your taste buds happy.

Stir fried anchovies-Korean Foods You Should Try



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