Incurable Diseases

Saturday, Aug 15, 2020, 3:36 pm
By:Tony Williams


It is useful to include a mental illness in this list because a lot of people have something such as schizophrenia, but very few know that it cannot be cured. Instead, it is all about lessening the symptoms and managing them from day to day in order to have some kind of quality of life.

Schizophrenia-Incurable Diseases


This disease attacks the brain and it does so gradually due to there being no known cure that can counteract the effect it has on those cells. This is a horrible disease for both the person that has it and the people that have to watch them deteriorate before their very eyes.

CAA-Incurable Diseases


This is a harrowing disease because it gradually attacks the brain with the person becoming more disabled until they eventually die. We struggle to even slow the disease down, so sadly if you do contract this disease there is only one thing you can be sure of with it.

CJD-Incurable Diseases


Ebola really is deadly and if you get it, then you have around a 5% chance that it will not kill you. We have no cure for this disease and it really is a case of complete and utter luck as to whether or not you survive, so it is ultimately just a waiting game.

Ebola-Incurable Diseases


A lot of people have diabetes and even though we can do things to help us to live healthily with the condition there is no actual cure for it. Instead, we have to focus on trying to prevent the problem from developing if possible and making sure that we do the right things if we do indeed have it.

Diabetes-Incurable Diseases


Millions of people live with asthma and it is simply a case of trying to manage the situation rather than it being cured because at this moment in time that is actually impossible. Instead, you need to just cope with having it and do the best you can while taking medication that will help you along your way.

Asthma-Incurable Diseases


The flu is in the same boat as the common cold and even though you may be offered an injection every year that is only really for the type of flu bug that they think may hit hard for that year. However, once you get it you cannot take something magical to cure it, but instead need to allow your body to do its own thing.

Influenza-Incurable Diseases

8.The common cold

The fact that there is no cure for the common cold is due to the number of varieties there are out there, so it is impossible for them to find one cure for all of them. We are lucky in that our bodies are able to deal with it on its own, so while at least it is not fatal.

The common cold-Incurable Diseases


Arthritis occurs due to normal wear and tear as we age, but once you get it you cannot cure it. Instead, all you are able to do is just to try and ease the pain and look after your joints as best you can in order to stop it getting worse.

Arthritis-Incurable Diseases


While we immunized against polio it is still the case that if you get it, then it cannot be cured. Yes it may only inhibit your movement and not kill you, but the fact that the damage cannot be reversed does make this an incurable disease.

Polio-Incurable Diseases


Cancer is included here because once it gets to a certain stage we are unable to cure it, so early detection really is important. More people do survive, or their life is extended by a number of years, so we are getting better with this disease and will continue to do so.

Cancer-Incurable Diseases

12.HIV Aids

AIDS is still incurable although we are getting closer to being able to finally rid people of this disease every single year. However, through a combination of drugs it is possible to slow the disease down and people are now living much longer with it, but they are still not totally cured.

HIV Aids-Incurable Diseases



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