If Disney Princesses Had Instagram

Saturday, Jan 11, 2020, 8:53 am
By:Tony Williams

1.Action shot!!

People love a good action shot on Instagram and Rapunzel has certainly provided them with one here. You just know that she is going to give that frying pan a good swing and knock somebody out of the park, so perhaps the next picture would have been even better.

Action shot!!-If Disney Princesses Had Instagram

2.Slightly annoying spells

Sheesh from the comments it is clear that some people just do not have a sense of humor or they would not be complaining about her putting that picture up. I mean she was only messing around at the time, but apparently some people have long memories.

Slightly annoying spells-If Disney Princesses Had Instagram

3.Tea time!!

Well at least we know what Sleeping Beauty likes to do since she has told everybody on Instagram about it now. It just seems slightly less annoying than some of the stuff that us humans put on there from time to time.

Tea time!!-If Disney Princesses Had Instagram

4.The cartoon selfie

This just comes across as Snow White taking a selfie, but the best part is the way that grumpy has stayed true to his name by complaining. You would think that he could just leave it alone for once, but nope he has to get the last word.

The cartoon selfie-If Disney Princesses Had Instagram

5.Don't look down

Well you better not look down if you are afraid of heights because that is one scary view looking down. How must the guy feel with having to climb up? Surely he has nerves of steel.

Don't look down-If Disney Princesses Had Instagram

6.Posh place

Ok so you have a massive palace and you are proud of it, but clearly it has upset Genie since she has had to have a go at him for annoying her. In actual fact you just see him at the bottom, so no wonder she is annoyed.

Posh place-If Disney Princesses Had Instagram

7.Mmmm baking

Oh come on how many people have used Instagram in order to put something up about their cooking? If they were not cartoons would you not look at them and think that they looked yummy?

Mmmm baking-If Disney Princesses Had Instagram

8.Showing off the new place

Well talk about using Instagram to boast about things that you have. OK so we do that as well, but nobody in their right mind would use it to boast about a new library unless it is your local one and you saw it when getting the new Stephen King novel.

Showing off the new place-If Disney Princesses Had Instagram

9.The animal lover

Well Pocahontas is clearly an animal lover and at least she is using Instagram for nice reasons. You can just imagine her entire account being full of images like this.

The animal lover-If Disney Princesses Had Instagram

10.As a memorial

Aww how sad is this? Ariel is using Instagram in order to let people know how sad she is and how much she is missing her mom. How close to real life is this?

As a memorial-If Disney Princesses Had Instagram

11.Wedding day

Well how nice is this? Mulan has decided to use Instagram in order to tell people more about her wedding and who could blame her? She just wants to share the joy of this happy day and clearly Instagram is the way to do it.

Wedding day-If Disney Princesses Had Instagram


Is this how you imagine Cinderella using Instagram? Surely she would be trying to show off her brand new dress to everybody that was interested? Is that not what we do anyway?

Cinderella-If Disney Princesses Had Instagram



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