If Disney Characters Were College Students

Sunday, Feb 23, 2020, 8:09 pm
By:Tony Williams

1.Ariel - The Popular Girl

A girl in a bikini bra will always be seen as popular. Ariel's cute appearance would make her one of the popular girl's in college. However, she'd be one of those popular girls who are underestimated when it comes to their intelligence. Since she's had so much experience under the seas, she'd likely major in marine biology.

Ariel - The Popular Girl-If Disney Characters Were College Students

2.Hercules - The Football Player

Hercules is a Greek god and a gladiator. Someone that strong has to put their athleticism to good use in college. If he was a college student Hercules would more than likely be a quarterback on the football team. He'll channel his disdain for bad guys into beating the players on the opposing team.

Hercules - The Football Player-If Disney Characters Were College Students

3.TinkerBell - The Cheerleader

TinkerBell is Peter Pan's cheerful sidekick. She doesn't have a lot of profound lines in the movie, but her overall presence turned her into a lovable character. As Peter's sidekick, she was always in his ear cheering him on. So the fact that she would be a college cheerleader coincides with her personality perfectly.

TinkerBell - The Cheerleader-If Disney Characters Were College Students

4.Tarzan - Mr. Confused

A college-aged Tarzan would mimic his original Disney character in more ways than one. Tarzan is all for learning new things and having new experiences. But at the same time, he is just one of those guys who like to hang around with his friends and go exploring instead of heading to class.

Tarzan - Mr. Confused-If Disney Characters Were College Students

5.Pocahontas - Ms. Friendly

Pocahontas is that girl in the hall who always flashes you a smile and a wink, even when her day isn't go so well. Judging by her Disney character, she is likely spend more time saying 'Hi' to people and making friends instead of going to class or joining an organization.

Pocahontas - Ms. Friendly-If Disney Characters Were College Students

6.Esmeralda - The Dancer

There aren't that many gypsy majors in college, so Esmeralda from 'The Hunchback of Notre Dame' had to find a new extracurricular activity to pursue. Since Esmeralda loved to dance around with her tambourine in the movie, she would likely take up a dance class or two while in college.

Esmeralda - The Dancer-If Disney Characters Were College Students

7.Eric - The Surfer

There's always a group of college guys who can't wait to catch some sun and a gnarly wave. Eric from 'The Little Mermaid" would probably be a surfer dude in college. He fell in love with a mermaid, so chances are he more than likely loves the water more than the average college kid.

Eric - The Surfer-If Disney Characters Were College Students

8.Alice - The Artist

Alice's inquisitive nature always led her astray. When she wasn't eating random things; she was running after a white rabbit. If Alice when to college, she'd probably channel her desire to discover new things by creating art. As an artist, she can let her mind roam and create her very own wonderland.

Alice - The Artist-If Disney Characters Were College Students

9.Belle - The Nerdy Girl

If Belle went to college, her personality wouldn't differ much from her Disney character. Belle loves books and would walk around her town reading, so it's no surprise that college Belle would be holding onto a book. Instead of sporting a glamorous look, college Belle would be the nerdy type.

Belle - The Nerdy Girl-If Disney Characters Were College Students

10.Aurora - Design Student

Princess Aurora was one of the most fashionable Disney Princesses. She wasn't awake most of the time, but her pink gown is one of the more memorable looks from the Disney films. One would imagine that Princess Aurora would hone in on that keen fashion sense that she has and major in fashion design.

Aurora - Design Student-If Disney Characters Were College Students

11.Aladdin - The Athlete

Aladdin spent most of the movie running for his life and riding around on a magic carpet with a monkey by his side. If he was a college student' he'd be a world-class track star. His ability to outrun bad guys, without any superpowers would work wonders during track meets.

Aladdin - The Athlete-If Disney Characters Were College Students

12.The Beast - Jock

The Beast from 'Beauty and the Beast' was known for his cocky and volatile demeanor. If he were to attend college, in his human form of course, he'd probably be a jock. Just like a jock, The Beast is strong, determined and knows how to get what he wants, when he wants it.

The Beast - Jock-If Disney Characters Were College Students



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