How To Talk To Girls For The First Time

Saturday, Aug 15, 2020, 9:44 am
By:Tony Williams

1.Don't Overstay Your Welcome

Never overstay your welcome. You always want to be a little out of reach. If you approach and get a conversation started, but it starts to become cumbersome, or has ran its course, leave. Get her number, but leave the situation. You want her to remember the conversation at its best.

Don't Overstay Your Welcome-How To Talk To Girls For The First Time

2.Appear Sad

This can be a little deceitful, but as they say, everything's fair in love and war. Appear like you have a problem or are sad. The nurturing woman will want to make it all bed and help you through you dilemma. You can get real deep with this and explore feelings and who knows where it can go.

Appear Sad-How To Talk To Girls For The First Time

3.Ask For Help

Women love to help. It's in their genes to be nurturing. Is you need help ask away, and she will be right there to help. It's a great way to talk to a woman because it takes down her walls and she isn't thinking that you are hitting on her. Great friendships and lovers can come out of this scenario.

Ask For Help-How To Talk To Girls For The First Time

4.Ask A Question

Asking a question is a great way to break the ice without looking like you are coming on to a female. Think of something she may know the answer to and ask away. Women like to feel helpful and it may lead to a great conversation, and who knows, maybe a drink.

Ask A Question-How To Talk To Girls For The First Time

5.Don't Be Nervous

Being nervous is the worst thing you can do. Take a deep breath, compose yourself and then prepare to walk over to her and talk. Never make you first conversation with a girl on the phone. You want to read her body language and look into her eyes. Remember to relax.

Don't Be Nervous-How To Talk To Girls For The First Time

6.Make Her Laugh

Make her laugh. They say the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, well the way to a woman's heart is to make her laugh. The happier her association is with you the more she will want to talk to you, time and time again. Have something funny ready to say and test it out on friends first.

Make Her Laugh-How To Talk To Girls For The First Time

7.Pick The Right Time

Choose the right time to go over and talk to her. Don't pick a time when she is clearly in the middle of something, or frazzled, on the phone, busy, or pre-occupied. When the timing is right, go over and say hello. In life, everything is timing, and you can blow it if you approach at the wrong time.

Pick The Right Time-How To Talk To Girls For The First Time

8.Make Eye Contact

Make eye contact with her. If she smiles, you're in. Hold the gaze a tad bit longer than you would normally do and if she holds it too, chances are that she is interested. Give her a smile and see what she does, and if she smiles back, make your way over and say something fantastic.

Make Eye Contact-How To Talk To Girls For The First Time

9.Smile At Her

Give her a genuine smile. It makes you appear confident and tells her that you like what you see. Don't leer at her and smile like a crazy person, just a nice relaxed smile when she happens to look over. You can make your way over to her if she smiles back and seems welcoming.

Smile At Her-How To Talk To Girls For The First Time

10.Help With A Task

Offer to help her with a task. She will appreciate the help and you can get a conversation going while you help. Chances are she will want to repay the favor and you can strike up a great friendship that can lead to so much more. Offering to carry something for her, or open a door, is really all that is needed.

Help With A Task-How To Talk To Girls For The First Time

11.Buy Her A Drink

Offer to buy her a drink to break the ice and get conversation going. If you are at a bar you can have the bartender go over to her and tell her that you are paying for her next drink, chances are she will smile at you and wave you over. You then have your opening.

Buy Her A Drink-How To Talk To Girls For The First Time

12.Give A Compliment

A compliment can go a long way in breaking the ice with a girl that you just met. Compliment her eyes, her smile, her hair, or even her outfit. Be careful with what you compliment though, as you don't really want to tell her how great her breasts or butt are.

Give A Compliment-How To Talk To Girls For The First Time



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