Hottest Ways To Wish Happy Birthday

Wednesday, Aug 26, 2020, 7:18 pm
By:Tony Williams

1.What a lovely pair...of cupcakes

Yes she does indeed have a lovely pair of cupcakes and have you ever seen a better way of using a happy birthday banner than this? It is all perfectly placed, but then that is also a sad thing in some ways.

What a lovely pair...of cupcakes-Hottest Ways To Wish Happy Birthday

2.A cake surprise

Spencer is undoubtedly going to remember his 30th birthday and who could blame him when he has just got a surprise like this. At least the box was not that big to start off with, so he knew that it was not somebody massive.

A cake surprise-Hottest Ways To Wish Happy Birthday

3.There is a cake in the picture

If you move your eyes to the other side of the picture you will see that there is indeed a cake there as well. OK allow them to move back to where you were looking and just accept that this would indeed be a great way to say happy birthday.

There is a cake in the picture-Hottest Ways To Wish Happy Birthday

4.What a balloon

The thing you have to remember with this way to wish happy birthday is that you cannot let go of the balloon if you wish to preserve your modesty. However, if you are already just wearing a balloon, then maybe it is a bit too late for that?

What a balloon-Hottest Ways To Wish Happy Birthday

5.Not a lot of wrapping

OK so we do not need to see anything else to know that we would indeed love this kind of gift on our birthday. The saving grace is that there is not a lot of wrapping on there, so at least we are not going to get all confused as to where to start.

Not a lot of wrapping-Hottest Ways To Wish Happy Birthday

6.Hot stuff indeed

Well this card is certainly capable of bringing the devil out in you and there is no doubt that even although it is a drawing it is still some hot stuff. Maybe it is the tail that sets it all off..or maybe it is the hot butt instead.

Hot stuff indeed-Hottest Ways To Wish Happy Birthday

7.The dreamboat

Well this could be called the dreamboat card since you have a chiseled guy with chocolates and could there be a better combination out there for women? OK maybe it could have had a few more chocolates.

The dreamboat-Hottest Ways To Wish Happy Birthday

8.Say it with chocolate

Well this is a great way for somebody to say happy birthday to you by writing it on their belly in chocolate. Suddenly you have a new found admiration for it and at least you can enjoy eating your card up.

Say it with chocolate-Hottest Ways To Wish Happy Birthday

9.What a surprise

Yeah now how happy would you be with the people that arranged this as your birthday present? This makes up for all of the years where you got socks or a book token when you hate reading because all of those bad presents have been combined into this one super present.

What a surprise-Hottest Ways To Wish Happy Birthday

10.Happy Buttday to you

At the moment when you realize that you are being wished happy birthday by a hot chick that has those words on her amazing butt you suddenly forget that it is your birthday with you being entranced by the vision. You no longer care what the day is just as long as you can watch the video over and over.

Happy Buttday to you-Hottest Ways To Wish Happy Birthday

11.One for the Ladies

Ahh there we go how seductive is this for a happy birthday message? Here you are just getting a look that away and run away for miles while it is safe!!!!

One for the Ladies-Hottest Ways To Wish Happy Birthday

12.Wrapping is wonderful

Well this is the kind of birthday present that we should all be hoping for and if this was the present, then we would love being able to unwrap it. OK so that is always just going to be a fantasy, but boy is it nice.

Wrapping is wonderful-Hottest Ways To Wish Happy Birthday



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