Hot Body, Ugly Face Fails

Wednesday, Jul 29, 2020, 9:53 am
By:Tony Williams

1.Nerds Go Wild

We got one hot nerd here, if you take off her face. She's got great breasts, thin abs, and even nice hair, but those glasses make her look more like Harry Potter than a sexy co-ed. Probably a great catch for a nerdy guy who will hit the jackpot when he sees what under her school girl sweater.

Nerds Go Wild-Hot Body, Ugly Face Fails

2.A Bad Situation

The Situation from the hit reality show, The Jersey Shore, is known for his rock hard, six pack abs. The rest of his body isn't so bad either. He has the muscles, the tan, the hairless skin, but as you raise your eyes higher, he's got a face that can stop a train.

A Bad Situation-Hot Body, Ugly Face Fails

3.Big Head

This girl has a great little body, but her head just seems too big. She either needs a bigger body, or a smaller head, but the combination as it is now doesn't match. Add to that the fact that she doesn't have an attractive face, and you've got one heck of a butterface.

Big Head-Hot Body, Ugly Face Fails

4.Miley Cyrus Nightmare

If she's trying to emulate Miley Cyrus, she is a double fail. First, for trying to mimic the gross moves of an attentions seeking pop star, and second because she has it all going on, all below the neck. Although she seems to have a great personality and that counts for something, doesn't it?

Miley Cyrus Nightmare-Hot Body, Ugly Face Fails

5.Paris Who?

Paris Hilton has one of those faces that can look really good, or really, really bad. For the most part she is a butterface, but she is a super rich, super famous butterface, that doesn't seem to have any problem attracting men into her web. I guess the love everything but her face.

Paris Who?-Hot Body, Ugly Face Fails

6.My Face Is Up Here

With those breasts it's hardly likely that anyone is going to be looking at her face, but once they did take a gander they might not be happy. She is probably what you call a one bagger and definitely a butterface, although she doesn't see to realize it as she strikes a pose.

My Face Is Up Here-Hot Body, Ugly Face Fails

7.Cave Girl

Will the real Betty Rubble please stand up. This girl looks like she is straight from a Flintstone cave. Great body probably from living off the land, but her face is very caveman-esque and a face that only a Flintstone male could love. She even has the dress to match.

Cave Girl-Hot Body, Ugly Face Fails


Without her head, she could be a model, add the head and she looks like someone dropped her from a spaceship. A creepy look on her face adds to the illusion that she is not from this planet. So when someone tells her that she is "out of this world," they may really mean it.

Alien-Hot Body, Ugly Face Fails

9.Smokin' Nerd

Sometimes nerds are sexy, and sometimes their not. In this case, this nerd has a great body, but her face is just so-so. Guys probably wouldn't mind so much because she looks like a fixer upper. You know ... fix her upper. With that body, she may be worth the plastic surgery money to fix her face.

Smokin' Nerd-Hot Body, Ugly Face Fails


This looks like George W. Bush's face on a woman's body, and that would be one big butterface if there ever was one. It's lucky for him that he wasn't born a female or his presidency wouldn't be the only thing that people made fun of him for. He might scare the Queen.

Neanderthal-Hot Body, Ugly Face Fails

11.Blonde Oops

She's got the blonde hair and a great body. Walking away she is sure to get many stares from the men, and even from far away, but up close that mug may make some people run the other way. Lucky for her, most guys won't lift their eyes high enough to make it to her face, after seeing her those breasts.

Blonde Oops-Hot Body, Ugly Face Fails

12.The Giraffe

Some girls have the hottest bodies, but when they turn around, you might get scared. Such is the case with this girl. Her body is smoking hot, but her face, well they say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but there is such a thing as universally ugly. Looks to be photoshopped though.

The Giraffe-Hot Body, Ugly Face Fails



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