Hilarious Fence Fails

Monday, Aug 17, 2020, 6:53 pm
By:Tony Williams

1.Yes and No!

The ingenious 'Bike Fence' eventually had to be removed as occupier Mr Wilson realized his wife's Mrs. Wilson's dementia was causing her to ride off to nowhere, causing distressed neighbors to phone the police.

Yes and No!-Hilarious Fence Fails

2.Don't Fence Me In

Charlie, not the most intelligent dog on the block, wonders how he will get his stick through this darn fence. You just know that he would try and try again until he was completely frustrated.

Don't Fence Me In-Hilarious Fence Fails

3.Miss Kitty Here, There and Everywhere

Not satisfied with Miss Kitty slippers, Miss Kitty hair bows, nor Miss Kitty dresses this little princess demands a Miss Kitty fence too!

Miss Kitty Here, There and Everywhere-Hilarious Fence Fails

4.Take That!

Well as if this would not be embarrassing on a quiet street imagine how bad it must be if it happens to you on a busy one? This guy has literally been caught with his pants down.

Take That!-Hilarious Fence Fails

5.Blending In

Sometimes trying to lesson your earth print does not work at all. Particularly for the poor people who walk into a fence painted exactly like its surrounds.

Blending In-Hilarious Fence Fails

6.Prickly Situations

Why do some people just spoilt all the fun? Not only would it have been fun watching people sit on this fence but pleasurable for some too.

Prickly Situations-Hilarious Fence Fails

7.Very Unusual

In a bid to save Mother Earth this hut dweller called upon all villagers to donate their cycles to his fence. Totally recyclable and very design savvied his fence worked a charm. However, it did not stop both large and small animals from entering his property.

Very Unusual-Hilarious Fence Fails

8.Great Problem Solving

After spending tons of money on wood and tons of hours on hard labor, this DIY fence installer decided that a gate was just too much trouble. So he slung a mattress over the gap.

Great Problem Solving-Hilarious Fence Fails

9.A Sight For Sore Eyes

The Joneses couldn't understand why people averted their eyes on passing their front garden. This design promised to get neighbors talking about it in awe? Well it certainly got them talking.

A Sight For Sore Eyes-Hilarious Fence Fails

10.Selfishness Supreme

Whoever designed this fence should be ashamed of themselves. There was simply no easy access for snails to get through. Surely they must have realized that the needed to take them into consideration?

Selfishness Supreme-Hilarious Fence Fails

11.Dam, Pay Attention!

Detective Sergeant Scary-Cop does curse under his breath, remembering when he cut fence climbing class as part of his FBI intensive training. The funny part is that this gate was actually open.

Dam, Pay Attention!-Hilarious Fence Fails

12.Do Not Feed The Animals

Do not feed the animals because they could end up doing something like this in their excitement. You have to admit that the cow must be thinking something along those very lines and now they know they are on the Internet.

Do Not Feed The Animals-Hilarious Fence Fails



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