Highest Paying Jobs In 2013

Wednesday, Aug 19, 2020, 4:47 pm
By:Tony Williams


If you've seen enough medical shows on TV, you probably already know what a surgeon does. But did you know that a highly paid surgeon can earn as much as 181,000 dollars a year. Of course, it takes years of practice to develop their skill. So you'd better get started now if you want their pay day.

Surgeon-Highest Paying Jobs In 2013

2.Chief Executive Officer

The CEO is basically the person who makes all the money everybody else in the company thinks they should be making. Typically the chief executive officer makes all the key decisions that enable a business to function on a day to day basis -- or at least they convince everybody that they do.

Chief Executive Officer-Highest Paying Jobs In 2013

3.Engineering Manager

What do engineering managers do? Let's put it this way: just about every really awesome thing in your life -- that video game console, the TV, the building you work at -- was probably designed by an engineering manager. What else to engineering managers do? They make a lot of money.

Engineering Manager-Highest Paying Jobs In 2013

4.Airline pilot

Of all the jobs on our list, airline pilot might just be the most dangerous. And danger is probably a factor that explains why those in this profession can earn as much as 134,000 dollars a year. Besides the money the other perks of the job include: wearing cool uniforms, travel and eating bad food.

Airline pilot-Highest Paying Jobs In 2013


Dentists are among the very highest paid in the medical field. Perhaps this is a testament to how much we as humans value our teeth. Or maybe it's simply a testament to how much we enjoy making awkward conversation with a guy putting his hands in our mouth while bad music plays in the background.

Dentist-Highest Paying Jobs In 2013


Many people are inspired to become lawyers after seeing TV shows and Hollywood movies depicting lawyers as tenacious, virtuous individuals who courageously fight for justice. This is the wrong reason to become a lawyer. You should become a lawyer because lawyers are filthy rich. Although some believe they are simply filthy.

Lawyer-Highest Paying Jobs In 2013

7.Air traffic controller

The highest paid air traffic controllers make approximately 134,000 dollars a year. The job consists mainly of assisting aircrafts down to the ground by viewing a large elaborate computer screen and communicating with the pilot. It's basically the same as being a teenage boy with a playstation -- except the part about making 134,000 a year.

Air traffic controller-Highest Paying Jobs In 2013

8.Computer and information systems manager

Knowledge of computers is always a good idea in today's competitive job market. This means much more than knowing how to turn your computer on and off. It involves much more complex stuff like knowing how to find the very best Youtube videos of kittens known to mankind.

Computer and information systems manager-Highest Paying Jobs In 2013

9.Marketing Manager

Don't be fooled by the picture. Marketing managers do a lot more than just drawing logos on invisible chalkboards with annoyed looks on their faces. Marketing is hard work. It must be or they wouldn't make 100, 000 dollars a year. They probably have to own a computer. Or maybe eight computers.

Marketing Manager-Highest Paying Jobs In 2013

10.Natural Sciences Manager

This elaborate job title is really just a fancy way of saying you're the boss among a bunch of scientists. You get to do what the guy in the picture is doing, which is great if you're a big fan of science. Or if you just like wearing really cool looking goggles.

Natural Sciences Manager-Highest Paying Jobs In 2013

11.Art director

The guy in the picture is having a fairly typical day for an art director. He's designing a layout and engaging in the proper calculations needed to carry the design out and bring the finished product to fruition. Either that or he's playing a really awesome video game. Either way he's making 94,000 a year.

Art director-Highest Paying Jobs In 2013


Engineers generally make somewhere around 93,000 dollars a year. There are, of course, many different kinds of engineers and their salaries vary from job to job. There are also many different kinds of modeling jobs. The guys in this picture have the one which involves pretending to be engineers.

Engineer-Highest Paying Jobs In 2013

13.Nurse practitioner

As with many professions, not all nurses make the big money, but those that are able to reach the top can expect as much as 91,000 a year. I'm guessing the lady in the picture has reached the top. That would explain the wide grin on her (probably rich) face.

Nurse practitioner-Highest Paying Jobs In 2013

14.Agent / Manager

Representing a rich athlete or actor is a good way to make some money. How much money? Well, that varies depending on how rich your clients are, but a pay day of roughly 87,000 a year is not unusual. But I suppose if you really want them to show you the money, you'll cut out the middleman and just play an agent in a movie like Tom Cruise.

Agent / Manager-Highest Paying Jobs In 2013

15.Physics teachers (college)

Teaching isn't something that is normally thought of as a lucrative field. And for good reason. Most teachers don't make much. But a physics teacher at a prestigious college can rake in somewhere in the neighborhood of 86,000 a year. But that's not an easy neighborhood to move into. It helps to know a thing or two about science. And it wouldn't hurt if you looked exactly like Albert Einstein.

Physics teachers (college)-Highest Paying Jobs In 2013



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