Health Benefits Of Yoga

Friday, Aug 21, 2020, 9:22 am
By:Tony Williams


As we get older we tend to have some balance issues, but yoga can rectify that if we start early enough. By improving our balance we are less likely to fall and all of the health issues that follow on from that.

Balance-Health Benefits Of Yoga


Arthritis can cripple you, but by doing yoga you can improve the range of movement that you have as well as strengthen the joints. Improving movement can reduce inflammation and with it lower the pain you feel.

Arthritis-Health Benefits Of Yoga

3.Heart failure

Yoga can reduce the amount of inflammation that tends to occur with heart failure and this can actually then save a life. Studies have shown that yoga will allow the person to exercise more and improve their quality of life.

Heart failure-Health Benefits Of Yoga

4.Heart disease

Yoga has been shown to make a positive difference to a number of different forms of heart disease. People with angina have noted a reduced number of attacks, cholesterol levels have reduced, there has been weight loss which also helps and less lesions exist in the heart.

Heart disease-Health Benefits Of Yoga

5.Blood pressure

It stands to reason that if you lower your stress levels, then your blood pressure should also drop as a result and that is exactly what happens. You no longer have all of those hormones flooding your body thanks to yoga and you know the various health benefits of having blood pressure that is within normal limits.

Blood pressure-Health Benefits Of Yoga


Believe it or not, but yoga can help you to lose weight. It is thought that it trains your mind to look after your body better plus you are not being hit by the stress hormone cortisol that results in weight gain.

Obesity-Health Benefits Of Yoga


Yoga can help asthma sufferers due to the breathing techniques that are included in the exercises. It has been medically proven to improve pulmonary function in people that suffer from bronchial asthma resulting in a reduction of the number of attacks.

Asthma-Health Benefits Of Yoga


One of the most well known health benefits of yoga is how it deals with stress. It calms the mind, reduces anxiety levels, and helps to control breathing resulting in our body and mind completely relaxing.

Stress-Health Benefits Of Yoga


The University of California conducted a survey that showed yoga decreased hot flushes in women going through the menopause by 30%. It also boosted their mood and reduced the level of sexual discomfort that they were feeling.

Menopause-Health Benefits Of Yoga


Although it cannot help the problem with insulin yoga has been proven to help with potential nerve damage caused by diabetes. It has been shown to improve nerve impulses and this can, in turn, slow down or stop the person from losing sensation.

Diabetes-Health Benefits Of Yoga


Yoga helps to fight back against depression as it has been shown to increase the levels of a neurotransmitter called GABA. This has been shown to lift a persons mood and lower anxiety levels.

Depression-Health Benefits Of Yoga


If you suffer from chronic backpain it may be beneficial to you to try yoga. A study in Seattle proved that a group of people in this situation saw a dramatic improvement on their condition in 12 weeks as opposed to those that did not do it. This is due to it giving more flexibility.

Backpain-Health Benefits Of Yoga



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