Greatest Unsolved Mysteries Of The World

Monday, Aug 24, 2020, 1:28 pm
By:Tony Williams


Reports extraterrestrials have been ongoing for centuries, but proof that they exist has been muddled. Descriptions of these beings from outer space all seem to be similar in that the heads are larger on the top and narrow at the chin, with large, elongated eyes, almost non-existent noses, and tiny bodies.

Extraterrestrials-Greatest Unsolved Mysteries Of The World

2.Georgia Guidestones

Often called the America version of Stonehenge, the Georgia Guidestones were built in 1979. Carved into the stone are 10 New Commandments written in several different languages that include English, Russian, Spanish, Chinese, Hebrew, Arabic, Swahili, and Hindi. The mystery of how they got there and who the commandments were meant for, still exists to this day.

Georgia Guidestones-Greatest Unsolved Mysteries Of The World

3.Wow! Signal

Jerry R. Ehman allegedly picked up a signal from deep space, supposedly from the constellation Sagittarius. It was a one time event that he was never able to repeat again, and no one since has heard it. Jerry wrote the word "Wow!" on the printout of the radio frequency, and the name stuck. It is an unsolved mystery that has gone down in history as a possible myth, but no one can be sure if it's not true.

Wow! Signal-Greatest Unsolved Mysteries Of The World

4.Lost City Of Atlantis

Atlantis was a land that is often the subject of debates as to whether it was real or not. According to Plato the island sunk after soldiers attempted to invade Athens. The City Of Atlantis was said to be home to mermaids and mermans, which were able to live when the city sank, however there have never been any accounts of finding the sunken city to date.

Lost City Of Atlantis-Greatest Unsolved Mysteries Of The World


A ring of stones standing on end located in England and known as Stonehenge is one of the most unsolved mysteries of our time. Believed to have been built between 3000 BC to 2000 BC, it is thought to have been a burial ground. With no evidence of construction techniques or written word, this mystery has never been solved.

Stonehenge-Greatest Unsolved Mysteries Of The World

6.Zodiac Letters

The Zodiac Killer was notorious for sending cryptic letters to the San Francisco police and to the press from the 1960's to the 1970's. In that time period he murdered four men and three women aged sixteen to twenty nine years old. The letters contained four cryptograms, only one of which was solved.

Zodiac Letters-Greatest Unsolved Mysteries Of The World

7.The Bermuda Triangle

The Bermuda Triangle has become legendary for the disappearance of airplanes and ships. If you draw a triangle from Miami, Florida to Bermuda to Puerto Rico and back to Miami, you will find the most unexplained mystery of lost lives that have seemingly vanished into thin air. Reports of instruments going crazy from pilots and sea captains are often the last words heard before the vessels disappear.

The Bermuda Triangle-Greatest Unsolved Mysteries Of The World


Said to live in the snowy mountains of the United States and in Canada, Bigfoot is reported to look like a cross between a gorilla and a man. Also called Sasquatch, the creature has been photographed from afar, and footprints have been found, and even cast in cement, but no on has actually ever come face to face with the creature.

Bigfoot-Greatest Unsolved Mysteries Of The World

9.Jack The Ripper

Serial killer Jack The Ripper murdered eleven women in the 1800's. Notorious in London's east end, the victims were mostly pr0stitutes, their bodies found mutilated beyond recognition. The Ripper's signature trademark was slashing the throats of each of his victims. Many films have been made about the murder, but the case remains unsolved.

Jack The Ripper-Greatest Unsolved Mysteries Of The World

10.Taos Hum

A humming buzz is often heard coming off the horizon in a town named Taos, New Mexico. The origin of the sound has never been discovered, and while it is able to be heard by the naked ear, it is not able to be detected by electronic devices. It's like as if the hum doesn't exist as far as record goes, but people repeatedly report hearing it.

Taos Hum-Greatest Unsolved Mysteries Of The World

11.Black Dahlia Murder

Who did kill twenty two year old Elizabeth Short? No one knows to this day, but on January 15, 1947, the young girl was found sliced in half on South Norton Avenue in Los Angeles. It remains the oldest unsolved murder case in the history of the city of angels.

Black Dahlia Murder-Greatest Unsolved Mysteries Of The World

12.Loch Ness Monster

Many sighting of the Loch Ness Monster over the years have convinced the public that a serpent like creature exists under the water. Pictures and footage show a long neck and and hump that stick out of the water, all very similar in appearance and description, but we've never been able to find it.

Loch Ness Monster-Greatest Unsolved Mysteries Of The World



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