Girl's Checklist For The Perfect Guy

Thursday, Aug 20, 2020, 10:38 am
By:Tony Williams

1.Is Your Version of Spider Man

You don't want an actual superhero, just someone who will kill spiders on command. Most women hate killing bugs, and so it's important the he isn't afraid of them. Not wanting to kill them is fine, if he wants to capture them and return them to nature, but you definitely want him to get them out of your house.

Is Your Version of Spider Man-Girl's Checklist For The Perfect Guy

2.Knows How To Have Fun

He may be good looking, a good kisser, and great in bed, but if he is no fun, then you will have no fun. You want someone who can let loose and have some fun, not be afraid to be goofy, and just let it all hang out. A guy who is fun ensure that your life will be filled with surprises.

Knows How To Have Fun-Girl's Checklist For The Perfect Guy

3.Good With Money

By wanting your perfect guy to be good with money, you are not interested in him being rich, or how much he makes. You want him to be a good saver, responsible with his money, and not a big spender. If he spends all his money on gambling, partying, and buying things, you may want to rethink your relationship.

Good With Money-Girl's Checklist For The Perfect Guy


Romance is not dead, it's alive and well in your perfect guy. Doing romantic things keep your love alive, and they don't have to be huge displays. Little things like a flower on your windshield, a note in your lunch, an "I Love You" text on your phone, all go a long way.

Romantic-Girl's Checklist For The Perfect Guy


A dependable man is a sought after man. Someone who you can call anytime, day or night, and he will be there for you. If he says he will pick you up at noon, he arrives at 11:55am, if he says he will take a look under your hood, he does it. Being dependable is a great trait for your perfect guy.

Dependable-Girl's Checklist For The Perfect Guy

6.Not Afraid To Cry

While you don't want a cry baby on your hands, you want someone who has emotional depth, someone who can cry when he is hurt. Bad times sometimes bring a couple closer together when they can share and lean on each other. As they say in marriage vows, in sickness and in health.

Not Afraid To Cry-Girl's Checklist For The Perfect Guy

7.Is An Honest Abe

There's something to be said about honest men. You can trust them, and don't have to worry if they have your back. Living your life wondering if a man is lying to you, cheating on your, or be deceptive, is no way to live. A relationship is all about trust and honesty.

Is An Honest Abe-Girl's Checklist For The Perfect Guy


While none of us would really want to date Sheldon Cooper, we do want to be with a guy who is intelligent. Someone who challenges our minds helps us to grow. Learning never stops and people with intelligence and knowledge are a lot more interesting than someone who has nothing to say.

Intelligent-Girl's Checklist For The Perfect Guy

9.Has At Least One Sister

A guy who has a sister, or sisters, makes a much better boyfriend and husband. They understand how women work and they know how to navigate the, sometimes, emotional waters. They've grown up learning that their sister takes longer to get ready, cries when she is sad, and can sometimes be bossy.

Has At Least One Sister-Girl's Checklist For The Perfect Guy

10.Not Clingy

While you may want your man's attention, and maybe you might even love the fact that he misses you. However, you don't want to end up with a stage 5 clinger on your hands, someone who can't be alone, doesn't want you out of his sight for more than a minute, and someone calls incessantly.

Not Clingy-Girl's Checklist For The Perfect Guy

11.Has A Job

It is important that your perfect guy have a job. He doesn't have to be the CEO of a Fortune 500 company, but a steady job with steady income is essential. It gives him self worth, it allows him to grow, and it shows responsibility. A man who refuses to work does not have a bright future ahead of him.

Has A Job-Girl's Checklist For The Perfect Guy

12.Good Sense Of Humor

It is important for a man to have a good sense of humor. Someone who can make you laugh is makes all the difference in the quality of life. A good belly laugh at least once a day decreases stress in the body, which is a top killer that plagues a large portion of our society.

Good Sense Of Humor-Girl's Checklist For The Perfect Guy

13.In Good Shape

The perfect guy takes care of himself. He doesn't have to have the perfect body, but it is important that he exercises and eats healthy, that he cares about how he looks, and strives to be his best. A man who feels good about himself, loves better and more fully.

In Good Shape-Girl's Checklist For The Perfect Guy

14.Nice Eyes

The eyes are the window to the soul, and a guy with eyes that speak to you is the perfect guy. You can see so much when you look into his eyes, his warmth, his heart and his intelligence. So if you really want to find the perfect guy, look into his eyes, really look.

Nice Eyes-Girl's Checklist For The Perfect Guy



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