Famous Jazz Musicians

Tuesday, Aug 25, 2020, 7:37 pm
By:Tony Williams

1.Count Basie

Count Basie is seen as being a groundbreaking pianist and he led his own band for an amazing 50 years. During his career he won 9 Grammy awards and there is an argument that without him jazz music would certainly not have had as good a foothold as it does right now.

Count Basie-Famous Jazz Musicians

2.Coleman Hawkins

When it comes to the tenor saxophone, then this is the guy that you want to listen to. He was one of the earliest jazz musicians to really make in-roads and indeed he was seen as being responsible for influencing the careers of a number of the guys mentioned here. He was loved by both fans and other musicians alike.

Coleman Hawkins-Famous Jazz Musicians

3.Louis Armstrong

Millions of people know about this guy and it is easy to understand why. The influence that he had not only in jazz, but in music in general is unbelievable and he is seen as being one of the best musicians to have ever lived. He influenced so many musicians that it is no surprise that he is still loved by so many.

Louis Armstrong-Famous Jazz Musicians

4.Charlie Parker

Charlie has to be one of the best saxophone players to have ever existed and indeed he is one of the best jazz musicians to have ever lived. He was able to take the most complex jazz songs and make them sound easy and that was certainly no mean feat. He was fast, creative, innovative, and one of the best jazz musicians to have ever lived.

Charlie Parker-Famous Jazz Musicians

5.Benny Goodman

Benny Goodman was actually responsible for opening up jazz to a wider audience even though he was more into swing music. He had his own big band, but such was his popularity that when he decided to showcase some jazz people sat up and listened. However, he was also superb at jazz music himself and does deserve his place on this list.

Benny Goodman-Famous Jazz Musicians

6.Duke Ellington

Duke Ellington was an amazing pianist and also led his own big band. He did play other forms of music, but there is no doubt that it was jazz where he excelled and it led to him picking up countless awards during his career.

Duke Ellington-Famous Jazz Musicians

7.Nat King Cole

This may surprise some people, but even though he was known for having such a soulful voice he did actually first come to peoples attention as an amazing jazz pianist. Music was undoubtedly in his blood, so do yourself a favor and forget about his singing and hunt out his jazz music as you will absolutely love it.

Nat King Cole-Famous Jazz Musicians

8.Billie Holiday

When it comes to a jazz singer there is nobody more famous than Billie Holiday. Her voice was powerful, but it could also be very melodic and soulful when required and indeed her voice was capable of turning an average song into something that was just stunning to listen to.

Billie Holiday-Famous Jazz Musicians

9.Thelonious Monk

If you are looking for an amazing jazz pianist, then look no further than this guy. He was known for some abrupt pauses during his performance, but he was able to keep the audience sitting firmly in the palm of his hand and would just keep them enthralled in what he was doing.

Thelonious Monk-Famous Jazz Musicians

10.Miles Davis

Even if you are not a fan of jazz you will have probably heard the name Miles Davis. This guy is seen as being one of the most influential and popular jazz musicians ever and indeed he was the guy that was really behind a number of different jazz musicians and making it popular to the masses. He was one talented guy.

Miles Davis-Famous Jazz Musicians

11.John Coltrane

If you want to see a cool jazz musician, then John Coltrane is your guy. He is seen as being one of the leaders of the hard bop style, but delivers powerful performances that will leave you breathless. He made 50 albums during his career, so at least there is a lot to listen to.

John Coltrane-Famous Jazz Musicians

12.Charles Mingus

Charles is regarded as being one of the most creative jazz musicians to have ever lived. He was a top class bass player, pianist, and band leader and was known for blending together several types of music into his own jazz fusion. His music is full of life and so enjoyable to listen to.

Charles Mingus-Famous Jazz Musicians



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