Famous Scorpios

Monday, Aug 24, 2020, 4:47 pm
By:Tony Williams

1.Auguste Rodin

Rodin was a great sculpture and well known artist. He is famous for works such as 'The Thinker' and 'The Kiss'. He had a true gift for art and aesthetics and is still widely respected in the world today.

Auguste Rodin-Famous Scorpios

2.Anna Wintour - Editor in Chief Vogue

The film 'The Devil Wears Prada' was said to be made with Anna Wintour in mind. She is a chief executive at the biggest magazine publication in the world, Vogue. She works long hours every day and is a formidable and demanding boss. Much like any Scorpio you cannot mess with Ms Wintour and expect to win.

Anna Wintour - Editor in Chief Vogue-Famous Scorpios

3.Charles Manson - Murderer

Charlie Manson is probably one of the most famous Scorpio murderers however, he is not the only one. It is said though that Scorpios are better at being on the other side of the fence as they make remarkable detectives and the police service people. Their dedication to fairness and never giving up until the perpetrator is caught is one of their better assets.

Charles Manson - Murderer-Famous Scorpios

4.Hillary Clinton - Former Secretary of State

Wife of Bill Clinton a former president, Hillary was never one to take a back seat. Instead she was very active in politics and has been at the very top of the US government. This is another true Scorpio trait determination and an ability to conquer all.

Hillary Clinton - Former Secretary of State-Famous Scorpios

5.Bjork - Musician

She might be seen as quite nutty by some but her music definitely sent shock waves across the world when it first released. Bjork is another Scorpio who is not afraid of her own special brand of zaniness. She sees music as pure art and is not afraid to express it. She is also well known for her strange choice of clothes which have included a dead fabric swan around her neck as one red carpet dress choices. Definitely a Scorpio through and through.

Bjork - Musician-Famous Scorpios

6.The Shah of Iran - Royal

The Shah of Iran was probably one of the most famous Royals to be known from the middle east. A charming man who had a lot of charisma. Scorpios are famous for their charm and magnetic personalities.

The Shah of Iran - Royal-Famous Scorpios

7.Robert Louis Stevenson - Poet

19th Century Poet Robert Louis Stevenson was a poet who charmed both adults and children with his work. Here the moon speaks of comfort to small children. True Scorpios are deep thinkers and are often poetic.

Robert Louis Stevenson - Poet-Famous Scorpios

8.John Candy - Comedian

A well loved comedian and just an all round nice guy. He kind of defied the scary Scorpio tag and as an actor in Hollywood was well loved. Sadly he died at an early age and is missed by everyone he had contact with.

John Candy - Comedian-Famous Scorpios

9.Pablo Picasso - Cubist

Seen as a genius in his time, Picasso was part of the very new cubist movement. His paintings unlike most artists did reach fame when he was alive. His basic slant on art was that people looked so different from the front and side so he decided to put both faces in one face.

Pablo Picasso - Cubist-Famous Scorpios

10.Scarlett Johannson - Actress

Film actress Scarlett Johannson is a very typical of Scorpio females. With her haunting beauty and dramatic style she pretty much sums up what Scorpio women are all about. No matter age or lifestyle.

Scarlett Johannson - Actress-Famous Scorpios

11.Joaquin Phoenix - Actor

If it is said that Scorpios have that daunting stare and it has never been better capture than in this photograph. Joaquin is part of a family of actors who did very well in Hollywood which included his brother Phoenix. Joaquin does not pander to societal norms and goes about with a huge beard and glasses these days. Typical to a Scorpio who does not care what others think of him.

Joaquin Phoenix - Actor-Famous Scorpios

12.Bill Gates - Microsoft

William Henry Gates better known as Bill Gates changed computer history when he became involved in the Microsoft launch. Due to his Microsoft involvement he became and maintained being the richest man alive on the famous Forbes list for many years. As a leader it is said that he is often distant and quite argumentative. A true Scorpio!

Bill Gates - Microsoft-Famous Scorpios



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