Face Swapping Done Right

Monday, Jul 4, 2022, 7:27 am
By:Tony Williams

1.Britney Spears And Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake as a woman is not a good look, however Britney Spears with short curly hair is a lot better than a bald Britney Spears. It seems that a woman's on a man's body tends to look better than a man's face on a woman's body. The reason? Maybe we just don't like manly women, but do like pretty men.

Britney Spears And Justin Timberlake-Face Swapping Done Right

2.Hulk Linda

When you swap Hulk Hogan's face with his ex-wife Linda's face, you get one odd looking couple. His blonde mustache matches her hair perfectly, but she is definitely a brown bagger if anyone wanted to take her on a date. She, on the other hand, doesn't look that bad as a man.

Hulk Linda-Face Swapping Done Right

3.Come To Daddy

A perfect face swap picture. The baby face looks to be cooing at the weird looking bearded baby, who is looking up and smiling at his dad. Not sure which is freakier looking, the baby head on the dad, or the dad head on the baby. In our crazy world, let's hope this is never possible to do in real life.

Come To Daddy-Face Swapping Done Right

4.The Obamas

This photo is amazing. It really looks as though President Obama's face is on Michele Obama's body, and her face is on his body. She doesn't look bad, but we can't say the same for Barack. Let's hope that both their girls take after their mother by the time prom rolls around.

The Obamas-Face Swapping Done Right

5.Woody And Me

So many things make this photo creepy. First is the fact that the woman's face had to be enlarged so much to fit Woody's body, and his face had to be shrunk so much to fit the woman. Next is her crazy hair with that cartoon face. And third, those ears make her look beyond freaky.

Woody And Me-Face Swapping Done Right

6.The Queen Prince

This might be the way Princess Diana looked if she lived long enough to become Queen. Okay, so maybe she would have never been, but let's use suspension of disbelief. Prince William does look an awful lot like his deceased mom. Queen Elizabeth's face on the Prince's body though is quite scary indeed.

The Queen Prince-Face Swapping Done Right

7.Baby Bush

If you had this baby with that face what would you do? Well, this giant baby just wants to give it away. it's making him cry. The George Bush baby, however, seems like he may have just soiled his diaper and doesn't like the way it smells. Now that's one funny face swap.

Baby Bush-Face Swapping Done Right

8.Learning To Swim

This funny picture looks as if this giant baby is teaching his little troll baby how to swim. The beard on this guys face makes it all that more hilarious. It's so realistic as the baby adult really appears to be looking down at the troll adoringly. Either that or he wants to push him under.

Learning To Swim-Face Swapping Done Right

9.A Different Brangelina

Angelina sure makes a beautiful guy. This guy with her face would fit in well with the Hollywood pretty boys. However, Brad isn't that attractive as a woman. His head on Angelina's delicate frame makes her look like a real butter face ... you know, everything looks great but-her-face.

A Different Brangelina-Face Swapping Done Right

10.Daddy's Little Girl

This was probably a sweet picture of a father holding his baby girl at a wedding. The baby's head on the dad's body, actually looks like he is adoring the baby in his hands, but we have to wonder why when we catch a glimpse of the face on that baby.

Daddy's Little Girl-Face Swapping Done Right

11.Baby Man

Some of the best face swaps are the ones that involve people and babies. A baby's face on an adult body is so bizarre to look at, as is an adult face on a baby's body. In this case a sweet photo of a dad holding his baby, now looks like a giant baby is bathing a strange looking doll.

Baby Man-Face Swapping Done Right

12.Anne Hathaway And Jake Gyllenhaal

Face swap pics are hilarious and often freaky. It's when you swap faces on two people in a picture. In this case, Anne Hathaway's face is swapped with Jake Gyllenhaal's face and vice versa. The result is bizarre. Jake doesn't make a pretty woman, but Anne does make a pretty boy. By the way, In this magazine Anne Hathaway revealed her awkward sex scene story with Jake Gyllenhaal.

Anne Hathaway And Jake Gyllenhaal-Face Swapping Done Right



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