Extraordinary Human Abilities

Monday, Jul 11, 2022, 9:16 am
By:Tony Williams

1.The magnetic man

This guy is called Liew Thow Lin and as you can see he has this ability whereby things just kind of stick on him. He has taken his act to a new level by pulling a car that was attached by a chain to a metal plate on his belly and you have to admit that as party tricks go this is hard to beat.

The magnetic man-Extraordinary Human Abilities

2.King Tooth

This guy in Malaysia is useful to have around when a train breaks down because all he does is pulls it with his teeth. Ok you may not get there that quick, but how on earth does he manage to do it? How powerful is his jaw? How did he learn he could do this?

King Tooth-Extraordinary Human Abilities

3.Michel Lotito

This may not be the nicest of images, but this guy basically eats anything. While we have a burger and fries, Michel gets stuck into a bicycle and he has even eaten a small aircraft. His mothers cooking as a child must have been horrific if a metal tray was a more appetizing alternative.

Michel Lotito-Extraordinary Human Abilities

4.Daniel Browning Smith

This guy is seen as being the most bendy in the entire world and you have to admit that this picture is kind of freaky. He really must be made of rubber and some of the other images out there of him have to be seen to be believed. This really is extraordinary.

Daniel Browning Smith-Extraordinary Human Abilities

5.Amazing memory of Daniel Tammet

This guy is amazing. He knows 9 languages, and learnt Icelandic in a week, can do complex mathematical problems in his head, and has recited Pi to 22,500 digits all without any help from anybody else. His brain is just amazing and you need to watch him in action.

Amazing memory of Daniel Tammet-Extraordinary Human Abilities

6.Eidetic memory

An eidetic memory is the fancy name for a photographic memory and if you have this, then you are lucky and possess an extraordinary ability to remember things both visually and audibly as well. The most famous example is of course the story that Rainman was based on, so read up on it and see if you remember the details later.

Eidetic memory-Extraordinary Human Abilities

7.A mental calculator

There are a group of people that are known as autistic savants and they have this untrained ability to do amazing calculations all in their mind. The speed at which they can do them is astonishing and indeed they believe that this is due to an increase in the blood flow that is going to that part of the brain resulting in them being able to think a lot quicker than the rest of us.

A mental calculator-Extraordinary Human Abilities


Synesthesia is when you associate letters and numbers with various colors, or when a smell triggers a taste on your tongue and it is the result of a part of our brain setting off another response in our body for no apparent reason. This is more common than you think and there are more ways in which it can hit you from sounds being converted into colors to numbers having some kind of personality.

Synesthesia-Extraordinary Human Abilities

9.Guidance by echos

Echolocation is something that you associate with bats, but there are people that can do it as well. They bounce sound waves off objects to know what is in front of them and where and blind people can navigate pretty well without any help as a result. This does take time to master, but the guy in the picture is blind, but here he is on a bicycle.

Guidance by echos-Extraordinary Human Abilities


In simplistic terms, this is the ability to see light from four different sources whereas most people see three. This means that an individual can see more colors than most of us because it is believed we see around 1 million hues, whereas a tetrachromat would see 100 million.

Tetrachromacy-Extraordinary Human Abilities

11.Absolute pitch

If you have absolute pitch, then you will not only be able to hear things better, but you will also be able to both identify and then reproduce the tone itself. The person will be able to tell you the note and whether it was right or not, so it is perhaps no surprise that you should be good at music if you have this ability.

Absolute pitch-Extraordinary Human Abilities

12.Ability to super taste

There are some people out there that have a much better sense of taste than the majority of people. It is believed that some people have more of those little bumps on their tongue resulting in them being able to taste things better and apparently people that have this hate bitter foods in general. They are able to pick up even the most subtle of tastes, but whether this is a good or bad thing is up for debate.

Ability to super taste-Extraordinary Human Abilities



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