Extraordinary Child Prodigies

Sunday, Jul 3, 2022, 9:18 am
By:Tony Williams

1.William Mosconi - 6 Year Billiard Pro

William Mosconi's father owned a pool hall when he was a child, but little Willie wasn't allowed to play. Instead he practiced with potatoes from his kitchen, using a broomstick. When his father noticed his talent, he arranged for matches in the pool hall, and he had to stand on a box to reach the table. At six years old, Willie went up against the reigning World Champion, Ralph Greenleaf, and even though he lost, he began his career as a professional billiards player.

William Mosconi - 6 Year Billiard Pro-Extraordinary Child Prodigies

2.Saul Aaron Kripke - Harvard Teacher As A Teen

Saul Aaron Kripke was doing algebra in fourth grade and had mastered calculus and geometry by the time he got out of grammar school. Taking up philosophy, he wrote a paper that transformed the study of media logic and earned him a letter from Harvard. The math department offered him a job, but he declined, blaming his mother who said he should finish high school first. Today he is known as the greatest living philosopher and won the Schock Prize, the equivalent to the Noble Prize for philosophy.

Saul Aaron Kripke - Harvard Teacher As A Teen-Extraordinary Child Prodigies

3.Michael Kevin Kearney - 15 Year Old Teacher

Earning his first degree, in Anthropology, at only 10 years old, Michael Kearney had always been ahead of his time. Speaking at just four months old, by six months he was able to talk to his pediatrician to tell him what didn't feel good. At 10 months old he could read and by four years old he scored a perfect score on a Johns Hopkins precocious math program diagnostic test. At seventeen years old he became a teacher, and recently won $1,000,000 on the television game show, Who Wants To Be A Millionaire.

Michael Kevin Kearney - 15 Year Old Teacher-Extraordinary Child Prodigies

4.Ainan Celeste Cawley - 13 Year Old Lab Lord

Ainan Cawley of Malaysia was just six years old when he gave a science lecture about acid and alkaloids at school. By seven, he passed the Chemistry O exam, which is usually only give to sixteen year olds students, or older. At just eight years old he was enrolled at Singapore Polytechnic, becoming the youngest student.

Ainan Celeste Cawley - 13 Year Old Lab Lord-Extraordinary Child Prodigies

5.Gregory Smith - 12 Year Old Nobel Prize Nominee

Gregory Smith could already read when he was just ten years old and was enrolled in a university that same year. The child prodigy has addressed the United Nations Assembly and has met President Bill Clinton and Mikhail Gorbachev. Smith has been nominated four time for the Novel Peace Prize.

Gregory Smith - 12 Year Old Nobel Prize Nominee-Extraordinary Child Prodigies

6.Cleopatra Stratan - 11 Year Old Singer

At just three years old, Cleopatra Stratan has star power. Becoming the youngest person in the world to be a singer, with albums, a two hour live performance in front of a live audience, and an MTV award, the little girl is the daughter of Pavel Stratan, a Moldovan Romanian singer.

Cleopatra Stratan - 11 Year Old Singer-Extraordinary Child Prodigies

7.Elise Tan Roberts - 7 Year Old Mensa Master

As the youngest member of Mensa, little Elise Tan Roberts had an IQ of 156 at only two years old. That's just four IQ points lower than Einstein. Speaking at only five months old, and walking by the time she was 10 months old, she is a true child prodigy.

Elise Tan Roberts - 7 Year Old Mensa Master-Extraordinary Child Prodigies

8.Fabiano Luigi Caruana - 21 Year Old Chess Champ

In 2007, fourteen year old Fabio Caruana became a grandmaster chess player, the youngest in the world and in history. The Italian prodigy began playing chess at a very young age, and by age five was competing in tournaments. He still plays chest twenty one years old, living in both Europe and in Tarpon Springs, Florida.

Fabiano Luigi Caruana - 21 Year Old Chess Champ-Extraordinary Child Prodigies

9.Elaina Smith - 9 Year Old Counselor

After little Elaina Smith called a woman and offered her advice on a break up, her local radio station Mercia FM offered her a job. The British born prodigy was just seven years old at the time the Coventry radio station in West Midlands put her on the air for the first time.

Elaina Smith - 9 Year Old Counselor-Extraordinary Child Prodigies

10.Kim Ung Yong - Learning Leader

With an Iq of 160, Kim Ung Young beats Einstein by 40 IQ points. At just three years old, the child prodigy attended Hanyang University as a guest student of Physics, and a year later, at four years old, he was able to solve complete Calculus problems. Guinness Book of World Records lists him as the person with the highest IQ in the world.

Kim Ung Yong - Learning Leader-Extraordinary Child Prodigies

11.Akrit Jaswal - 7 Year Old Surgeon

A surgeon at just seven years old, sounds like an episode of Doogie Howser, MD, but this kid is real. Akrit Jaswal was performing surgery when most kids were coloring with crayons. The child prodigy began speaking at 10 months old and was reading Shakespeare by the time he was five. When a poor family couldn't afford surgery, they asked him to operate on their daughter, after having found out that he had read everything there was to know about surgery. The operation was a success.

Akrit Jaswal - 7 Year Old Surgeon-Extraordinary Child Prodigies

12.Aelita Andre - 5 Year Old Painter

Five year old Aelita Andre began drawing before she was even two years old. The Australian born toddler's artwork was displayed at the Brunswick Street Gallery in Melbourne, when the director Mark Jamieson agreed to show her work, not knowing the art came from a two year old. Some are calling her the next Picasso.

Aelita Andre - 5 Year Old Painter-Extraordinary Child Prodigies



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