Exes Be Like..

Saturday, Aug 15, 2020, 7:21 pm
By:Tony Williams

1.Hit the nail on the head

The person on the left has managed to hit the nail on the head not realizing what they have done. They have managed to set themselves up perfectly here and the person on the right is clearly better off without them.

Hit the nail on the head-Exes Be Like..

2.Breaking up on a daily basis

Why does the person on the left feel that they need to break up with them again the following day as if that is going to cause more pain? They really do not understand any part of this entire scenario do they?

Breaking up on a daily basis-Exes Be Like..

3.Kidnappers might be better

In some instances you would probably prefer to keep in touch with kidnappers rather than your ex, but then that does depend on how it all went in the first place. Come to think about it, you might have had a better relationship with the kidnapper as well.

Kidnappers might be better-Exes Be Like..

4.So, so true

This is probably the first time when your exes have been linked to golf, but it is certainly a fair point that is being made here. The last thing you want is to be on the 18th green and the 19th hole is already lined up.

So, so true-Exes Be Like..

5.Very poetic

If you are single, then you are free to do what you want, but some exes just do not seem to be able to grasp that concept. Instead, they argue and complain about it, but they do not have any rights to do so.

Very poetic-Exes Be Like..

6.You mean you want something?

Why would an ex want something on Valentine's Day? This just does not seem right at all because are they just not understanding the ex part in all of this?

You mean you want something?-Exes Be Like..

7.That is a scary thought

That is something that you probably do not want to think about if you are the next person with someone. It does involve them divulging quite a lot about their sex life and is that something that really interests you?

That is a scary thought-Exes Be Like..

8.Options galore

Well at least this ex is able to offer them different options or answers to their individual points and it does show that they have quite an analytical brain. However, it is probably pointing out the typos that is really getting to them because everybody knows how annoying that can be.

Options galore-Exes Be Like..

9.The burner

When you consider why they are leaving them can you actually blame them for putting everything on the grill? It certainly comes across as a reasonable reaction to what is quite a horrible thing for them to do.

The burner-Exes Be Like..

10.The returned gift

Well this took a couple of weeks for the ex to get their own back, but it was probably all worth it in the end. Of course they are making a pretty serious point here with the roses and you just know that they were not expecting this in the slightest.

The returned gift-Exes Be Like..

11.Hook, line, and sinker

This ex is clearly a bit stupid since they actually fell for the auto correct line and that does show that they are not the brightest of people on the planet. The other person clearly got their own back on what must have been a trying relationship.

Hook, line, and sinker-Exes Be Like..

12.A musical ex

Well this ex is certainly quite musical and how nice of them to go and write a song about the person that they used to be in a relationship with. However, they have certainly put in a twist to a well known song, but at least it is something quite personal now.

A musical ex-Exes Be Like..



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