Evil Human Experiments

Wednesday, Aug 26, 2020, 9:18 am
By:Tony Williams

1.Infecting Guatemalans With STDs

The United States decided to test out a cure for syphilis on Guatamalan citizens in the 1940's. They accomplished this by injecting pr0stitutes and then letting them loose on prison inmates, soldiers and insane asylum patients. They also pourd syphilis bacteria onto the faces, forearms and penises of men.

Infecting Guatemalans With STDs-Evil Human Experiments

2.Mustard Gas Tested On Soldiers

In the 1940's, the Army began testing the effects of bio-weaponry on unsuspecting soldiers. Spraying mustard gas, and other skin burning substances, along with gases that injured the lungs, soldiers succumbed to burns and leaking boils. The burn marks left scars physically and emotionally to soldiers who were fighting for their country, and being used as an experiment at the same time.

Mustard Gas Tested On Soldiers-Evil Human Experiments

3.The Monster Study

Twenty two orphan children were used as part of a stuttering experiment in Davenport, Iowa. Wendell Johnson led the experiment, choosing one of his graduate students at the University of Iowa, Mary Tudor, to run the program where the children were broken up into two groups. One groups was given positive speech therapy while the other group received negative speech therapy. Children in the negative therapy group, who had no speech problems, developed problems with their speech following the experiment.

The Monster Study-Evil Human Experiments

4.Stanford Prison Experiment

In 1971 an experiment was conducted at Stanford University to study the behavioral effects on authorities and inmates in prison. Living in a mock prison under psychologist Philip Zimbardo, volunteers role played as prisoners and guards. Quickly the volunteer's personalities adapted to their roles, with the guards displaying sadistic behavior toward the prisons who felt helpless and traumatized.

Stanford Prison Experiment-Evil Human Experiments

5.Project MKULTRA

In the early 1950's the CIA began a mind control research program that lasted into the late 1960's. By using drugs and other methods, they were able to manipulate mental states by altering brain function. LSD was the drug of choice, that was administered without the patient's knowledge.

Project MKULTRA-Evil Human Experiments

6.Project 4.1

Residents of the Marshall Islands were exposed to radioactive fallout during the Castle Bravo nuclear test at Bikini Atoll on March , 1954. Miscarriages and still births doubled in the next five years and some children experienced growth and developmental problems. In the following decades, the problems doubled, with children of that time growing up and succumbing to thyroid cancer.

Project 4.1-Evil Human Experiments

7.The Aversion Project

In atrocious experiments in South Africa, between the 1970's and 1980's, about nine hundred gay men and women were forced to have sex change operations via chemical castration or surgery. This was done to obliterate homosexuality from the armed forces. If drugs or shock therapy didn't "cure" them, then they lost their genitals.

The Aversion Project-Evil Human Experiments

8.Poison Laboratory Of The Soviets

The Soviets tested deadly poisons on prisoners to see if they could find an odorless and tasteless chemical that could not be detected in a dead body. Using such lethal substances such as mustard gas, digitoxin, ricin, and more were given to the prisoners in the guise of medication. This led to the creation of C-2, which killed its victims in fifteen minutes.

Poison Laboratory Of The Soviets-Evil Human Experiments

9.Unit 731

The Japanese Army conducted lethal human experimentation durig World War II. Women were impregnated by doctors, others has limbs amputated and then reattached elsewhere ontheir bodies, and others had parts of their bodies frozen and then thawed out to study gangrene. They were injected with diseases, had grenades thrown at them, and given STD's by being raped.

Unit 731-Evil Human Experiments

10.Nazi Experiments

During World War II, under the direction of Dr. Eduard Wirths, humans were experimented on in German Nazi concentration camps. Fifteen hundred sets of twins were experimented on with such cruelty as injections of chemicals into their eyes to see if they would change color, or sewing the twins together to see if they could form cojoined twins. Only 200 hundred survived.

Nazi Experiments-Evil Human Experiments

11.The Tuskegee Syphilis Study

In Tuskegee, Alabama, beginning in 1932 and continuing until 1972, 399 poor and illiterate male African Americans were denied medicine to treat their Syphillis. They were not told of their diagnosis and were given placebos in order to watch the devastation the disease caused, so they could stud it. Only 74 subjects survived.

The Tuskegee Syphilis Study-Evil Human Experiments

12.North Korean Experimentation

Although denied by the North Korean Government, a former North Korean woman tells the story of how female prisoners were given poisoned cabbage leaves, killing them within 20 minutes after vomiting blood and anal bleeding. Healthy prisoners were used for torturous experiments such as this and gas chamber killings, where families were checked out medically and then put into the chambers while poisonous gas was injected into the room.

North Korean Experimentation-Evil Human Experiments



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