Dog Photo Bomb

Monday, Jul 4, 2022, 7:16 pm
By:Tony Williams

1.Tis' The Season To Be Merry!

Humans just do not realize the atmosphere they create when it is festive season. Then get all worked up when the pets are ready for camera lights and action. This is certainly one Christmas image they will never forget.

Tis' The Season To Be Merry!-Dog Photo Bomb

2.'Hey! Don't point that machine thingamajig what-sit at my Mom'

Some pets are very protective and some just are not that sure what you are pointing at their favorite person in the world. After all in dog land they don't have those things you know.

'Hey! Don't point that machine thingamajig what-sit at my Mom'-Dog Photo Bomb

3.Say Cheese.

This web cam photograph became a little too much for Butch, he clearly decided to show his best side to whoever was watching these two cute friends giving their best smile. He possibly decided to give his best smile too!

Say Cheese.-Dog Photo Bomb

4.Dog on dog

It is the way in which this dog has completely photo bombed a snap of another dog and it has no hesitation in doing so. It is the look in its eyes, the way the tongue is hanging out, and the fact he is looking right at the camera that makes this photograph.

Dog on dog-Dog Photo Bomb

5.It's a Plane? It's a Car? No, it's Super Dog!

One wonders how this dog photo bomb occurred? Did he land from up there? Did the little girl toss him in the air. Or did he fly across the photograph? No matter what happened is there a dog photograph out there that is better than this?

It's a Plane? It's a Car? No, it's Super Dog!-Dog Photo Bomb

6.'One, two, three and stretch! Oh wrong way?

Sometimes our little dogs become our best friends and try to do everything we do even battle the bulge. This little guy is fully into his gymnastic work out and is so proud of himself that he has decided to jump into the shot.

'One, two, three and stretch! Oh wrong way?-Dog Photo Bomb

7.Cutting Room Floor

Just when you managed to pull it all in, give your best smile and strike a pose, you can count on Fido to steal the limelight. One thing that is for certain is you will not be sending this snap into any competitions now.

Cutting Room Floor-Dog Photo Bomb

8.'Honey I Shrunk The Parents'

This cheeky mutt is wondering whether to lick his parents or eat them. Of course it is just an interesting play on perspectives, but imagine if it were the other way around for a change?

'Honey I Shrunk The Parents'-Dog Photo Bomb

9.When Enough is Enough!

Sometimes when a spoilt brat of a cat gets all the attention you just have to push your nose in and get it all out there. This little chap is making sure we all remember that and it is just the way he sticks his head up that is so funny.

When Enough is Enough!-Dog Photo Bomb

10.'Is This For Supper or My New Lil' Sister?'

This pet is either feeling very insecure that dad finally got him a new little sister or he is rather hungry from the days fishing. Fishing is hard work you know? He just does not know what to make of it, but is certainly not interested in the camera.

'Is This For Supper or My New Lil' Sister?'-Dog Photo Bomb

11.Behind the Scenes

What seemed to be a fruitful day in terms of decor, planning and arranging was all dashed when the naughty shenanigans going on in the garden were caught on camera. Imagine the shock if you did not notice and uploaded it?

Behind the Scenes-Dog Photo Bomb

12.'I have the best-est Mom and Dad'

This little guy is just overwhelmed with emotion at how much he loves being a part of this family and this is a brilliant photo bomb. It is possibly the cross eyed in ecstasy look that gives it all away?

'I have the best-est Mom and Dad'-Dog Photo Bomb



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