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Saturday, Aug 22, 2020, 7:12 pm
By:Tony Williams

1.Princess Mulan

Princess Mulan, the 8th Disney princess, debuted in the animated feature film, Mulan in 1998. An outcast as far as Chinese tradition goes for young girls, her natural beauty and outspoken spirit carry her a long way. Mulan doesn't actually have the title of princess, and is just royalty born, making her the only Disney princess not to hold the title on her own accord.

Princess Mulan-Disney Dresses

2.Princess Pocahontas

Pocahontas hit the big screen in 1995, in the animated feature film of the same name. Wise beyond her years, Pocahontas is noble and highly spiritual. With shamanic powers, she can talk to spirits and understands unknown languages. Her outfits are often replicated today on Halloween, and are some of the sexiest out there.

Princess Pocahontas-Disney Dresses


In the Pixar film, Brave, premiering in 2012, we were first introduced to Princess Merida, the 16 year old daughter of the Queen. Not the proper lady that the Queen wishes her to be, Princess Merica is impetious and wants to be independent. A pro at archery, sword fighting and cross country horseriding, she is the most unique princess of the bunch.

Merida-Disney Dresses


The 9th Disney princes, Tiana, appeared in the animated feature film, The Princess and the Frog in 2009. She is the first African-American princess on Disney's list of royalty, and as beautiful as she is, she spends some time a frog when trying change Prince Naveen back from a frog, after a spell is cast on him. After spending time as frogs on a quest to break the spell, they fall in love.

Tiana-Disney Dresses

5.Princess Jasmine

Princess Jasmine falls in love with Aladdin, thinking he is a prince. As Disney's 6th princess, we all got to see her on the big screen in 1992, in the animated feature film, Aladdin. When Aladdin gives Princess Jasmine a ride on his magic carpet, she knows it's true love.

Princess Jasmine-Disney Dresses

6.Princess Ariel

Ariel is the 4th Disney princess and the lead character in The Little Mermaid, an animated feature film, released in 1989. Not only is she a princess, she's a mermaid in a kingdom under the sea called Atlantica. Everyone knows her by her bright red hair and beautiful, green dress.

Princess Ariel-Disney Dresses


Known for her long, long, long blonde hair, Rapunzel is the 10th Disney princess. She first hit the big screen in 2010 in the animated feature ilm, Tangled. The thing about Rapunzel is that her hair is magical, and after being stolen from her parents as an infant, spent the next 18 years isolated in a tower.

Rapunzel-Disney Dresses

8.Princess Aurora - Sleeping Beauty

Princess Aurora is the first born daughter of a King who marries the first born son, and heir to the throne, of another King. With three godmothers, she has the purest blood line of all the Disney's princesses. Her dress is as infamous as she is, and just as beautiful.

Princess Aurora - Sleeping Beauty-Disney Dresses

9.Princess Cinderella

We all know the story of Cinderella, who was lived a hellish nightmare at the hands of her evil step mother and step sisters, but then met Prince Charming in a beautiful dress. Every girl wishes they could be swept of their feet by a gorgeous prince, and in this dress they just might. Cinderella is Disney's 2nd princess.

Princess Cinderella-Disney Dresses

10.Princess Belle - Beauty and the Beast

Every woman wants to be the belle of the ball, and this gown from Disney's Belle of Beauty and the Beast will make that wish come true. Belle is Disney's 5th princess, introduced in 1991 in Beauty and the Beast, an animated feature film. The yellow dress she wore when she danced the Beast has become synonymous with the meaning behind the movie.

Princess Belle - Beauty and the Beast-Disney Dresses

11.Princess Snow White

The original Disney princess is none other than Snow White. She first hit the big screen in 1937, as the leading lady in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. With skin as white as snow and jet black hair, she hides from her evil stepmother in the home of the seven dwarfs. Her dress is one of the most recognizable and one of the biggest sellers as Halloween.

Princess Snow White-Disney Dresses



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