Disgusting VMA Photos Ever

Monday, Aug 31, 2020, 7:39 pm
By:Tony Williams

1.Just stop it!!

This really has gone too far. First it was Robin Thicke and now it is with a kid? This is the performance where she also lit up a joint as if she was going to get high, so surely that is taking things too far and she needs to stop it now.

Just stop it!!-Disgusting VMA Photos Ever

2.We Could Not Resist

Okay this is not personal but Lady GaGa certainly stands in line to win awards, loads of awards, here she is again in her bloodied look. The blood even seeps upwards from her cr0tch. Perhaps the wind caught it all and blew it upwards. She certainly know how to get our attention though, we will give her that much. How much further will she go? Perhaps sawing her own arms and legs off next time!

We Could Not Resist-Disgusting VMA Photos Ever

3.Most Disgusted Look!

Most disgusted look on the faces of Will Smith and his family while watching the Miley Cyrus deb�cle. This certainly deserves a spot on the most disgusting VMA photos ever due to how funny it actually is.

Most Disgusted Look!-Disgusting VMA Photos Ever


Or how about the most awful award for worst outfit? Lil Kim looks less than little in this skin tight leather/plastic outfit. It is mostly the out of place colored boots that makes matters worse and her bra sticking out. Not to mention the thick belt that makes her look like she has no waist at all.

Booty!-Disgusting VMA Photos Ever

5.Lady GaGa

Yes, again! It really is all the same culprits, but they make the best photographs of disgusting VMA photographs ever. This looks like the 'Lady' just got out of the shower with her boots on! Ew! The lady in the seat looks ready to get up and run.

Lady GaGa-Disgusting VMA Photos Ever

6.Another Crazy Dress

Who is the mad star under this contraption called a dress. One guess is it Um! Lady GaGa! Eminem just looks completely confused by it all.

Another Crazy Dress-Disgusting VMA Photos Ever

7.Ops! She Does it Again

What is it with Britney and VMA? In 2007 she gives a sloppy performance at the VMA flashing a less than perfect body. It is OK that she is ill, it is OK that she had a breakdown, what is not okay is that she felt she would wear a bikini with that body. At least here her gut is being held in by a helpful hand.

Ops! She Does it Again-Disgusting VMA Photos Ever

8.Lady GaGa's Meaty Apparel

This has to be the most disgusting dress ever worn or invented. One wonders if her feet went 'squelch' as she walked around in the meaty dress. Also if she stood in the sun outside did it cook to medium rare?

Lady GaGa's Meaty Apparel-Disgusting VMA Photos Ever

9.Rose McGowan Lack of Gown

Come on! Just because you are famous does not mean we want to see your drooping bre@sts and odd shaped backside half naked. If you are an exhibitionist get a site like any other.

Rose McGowan Lack of Gown-Disgusting VMA Photos Ever

10.Madonna's Kiss of death

Depending on how you feel about the kissing couple this could be one of the most disgusting VMA photos ever. Madonna comes across like a try hard latching onto the fame of any person who is up and coming. Strange thing is, after this kiss, Britney's career took some odd twists and turns.

Madonna's Kiss of death-Disgusting VMA Photos Ever

11.Bo0bie Jiggle

Another VMA disgusting moment has Diana Ross jiggling Lil Kim's bre@st. Go on admit it, you would too if you saw that outfit?

Bo0bie Jiggle-Disgusting VMA Photos Ever

12.Old Man's Bu*t Miley

Miley Cyrus had to be on this list of course. Her performance was totally shocking. There were just too many images to choose one, in fact, people stared in morbid horror as she performed her strange act and watched it afterwards frame by frame. This picture captures why it was disgusting though. A loose behind that certainly should not be on show, a cock-eyed face with a big fat thrush tongue poking out and strange hair that just looks her look mad.

Old Man's Bu*t Miley-Disgusting VMA Photos Ever



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