Cute Sea Creatures

Monday, Aug 17, 2020, 8:52 pm
By:Mike Litzler

1.Baby Polar Bear

This is probably cheating when it comes to sea creatures, but a polar bear does swim a lot so perhaps that is good enough reason to include it. However, how could you resist when they are small like this, even though they grow into something very dangerous and scary, as this little guy has to be one of the cuddliest animals out there right now and is, therefore, one of the cutest.

Baby Polar Bear-Cute Sea Creatures

2.Baby Turtle

You may never have thought of a turtle as being cute, but surely this baby one has to have changed your mind. They are a bit like the octopus in that they start off like this before developing into something not as nice, but at least this little guy is cool and you would love to have him as a pet. The patterns on his belly are also cool as well and overall it is clear that he does deserve his place on this list.

Baby Turtle-Cute Sea Creatures

3.Puffer Fish

You just feel as if this puffer fish is trying to say hello to you and he looks happy to see you there as well. This is the part that does make him very cute and the eyes also add to that feeling as they are big and wide open and very welcoming. He might be a fish, but you want to cuddle him for a bit as he does look such a cool guy.

Puffer Fish-Cute Sea Creatures


This looks like it would have been designed on a computer, but an Axoloti does exist as this image shows. In all honesty it looks like a Pokemon character, but that face and those big blue eyes are so cool, and that does not even account for his hair. Even the pose here is cool and you can just picture him as a toy for kids that they would love due to his cute strangeness.

Axoloti-Cute Sea Creatures

5.Baby Octopus

When it comes to an octopus, then they are only cute when they are small like this one because as they get bigger they do tend to develop into this monstrosity. This little guy looks like a bundle of fun and would get up to trouble, or as much trouble as an octopus can get involved in, but it is a shame he will lose all of that cuteness and develop into something completely different.

Baby Octopus-Cute Sea Creatures

6.Bobtail Squid

Who would have ever thought that a squid could be cute, but this little guy does go against what you would expect from a squid and you know the reason why the very minute you set eyes on him. It has to be the size of his head and those eyes that do it and he looks like a cartoon character in a Disney movie until you remember that he is actually real and living in the ocean.

Bobtail Squid-Cute Sea Creatures

7.Comb Jellies

No that is not a pair of lips belonging to Mick Jagger. Instead it is called a comb jelly and yes this is how it looks as it hangs around on rocks or coral. The colors in it are rather striking and you just have to love how it looks as there really is nothing else like it in the ocean. It is fun, it is bright, and in a strange sea creature kind of way it is cute.

Comb Jellies-Cute Sea Creatures

8.Rockling Fish

It looks as if this guy is saying hello to the camera and he does appear to have quite a happy face mixed with those huge eyes. Once again he lives at the bottom of the ocean, so he hides away for most of his life and this is a shame when he looks quite cute and cool at the same time. At least he has been snapped and put on the Internet to spread his fame.

Rockling Fish-Cute Sea Creatures


Yep up until this point you will have probably never heard of this creature either, but you have to admit that this little guy really is fun to look at. The eyes have to be the clincher in all of this as they look so big and sad, but then you would be sad if you lived at the bottom of the ocean.

Cephalopod-Cute Sea Creatures

10.Bottlenose Dolphin

It is perhaps no surprise that so many people have swimming with dolphins on their bucket list because who would not want to get up close to these wonderful sea creatures. They are always smiling, they never seem to upset anybody, and they just come across as one of the friendliest creatures on this earth. You know that they are going to be gentle with you and there is no need to fear them at all.

Bottlenose Dolphin-Cute Sea Creatures


OK so they move between sea and land, but that is good enough to include penguins in this list and you have to admit that they are rather cute to look at. These little guys just always make you smile and laugh as you see them waddling along and you just want to pick one up and cuddle it before throwing fish down its throat.

Penguins-Cute Sea Creatures

12.Beluga Whale

You are only going to find Beluga whales in the Arctic regions, but with their big heads, big eyes, and their very white appearance there is something rather cute about them. They are also apparently very friendly and sociable, at least with other whales, and you feel as if you could just reach out and pat him like you do a dog and he would make little noises to tell you how nice it felt.

Beluga Whale-Cute Sea Creatures

13.Sea Otter

Go on, admit it. You looked at this little guy and thought wow I like him. You can just imagine him as a cuddly toy loved by children and adults alike and you wonder how anything in the world could ever hurt this little critter. In this photo you would actually think he was waving at the cameraman and inviting you to feel how soft his fur is.

Sea Otter-Cute Sea Creatures


You cannot help but to love a seal and it is always funny when one just sticks its head up out of the water and looks at you in a slightly confused state. There are different species of them, but they all look quite innocent and you can just imagine that they would be fun to play with, if you ever got near one of them. Look out for the harp seal for the ultimate in cuteness.

Seal-Cute Sea Creatures


For some strange reason there is actually something quite cuddly about a walrus when you look at it. It just looks big and soft and in all honesty as if it is a bit stupid. You can just imagine it talking in a slow laborious voice and sighing continuously and everything just being a major effort. All of this does appear to just help it to seem to be quite cute.

Walrus-Cute Sea Creatures



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