Creative Chalk Carvings

Sunday, Aug 23, 2020, 3:48 pm
By:Tony Williams

1.The chin

This one has been called 'The Chin' here simply because of the length of the chin on the head of this carving. It may not be its official name, but you cannot help but look at it in what is another amazing carving out of a piece of chalk. How this did not break is something that is a mystery.

The chin-Creative Chalk Carvings


This carving looks like an old Chinese man who is wise beyond his years and there is just so much life in this carving that you cannot fail but to like it. Once again the detail in his face is outstanding and you can almost hear him speak to you as you look at it. This is clearly a master carver at work.

Chinese-Creative Chalk Carvings

3.The old man

Both of these heads are outstanding, but it is the detail in the old guy that really does catch your attention. The way that individual parts of his beard have been carved and even the wrinkles on his face makes this an outstanding piece of work, but the guy beside him is certainly funnier with the shape of his head.

The old man-Creative Chalk Carvings

4.Wavy head

Perhaps the most surprising part in this carving is the way in which the body curves before you get a good head at the top. The face on there is serious and you could almost see the kind of Easter Island head in it, but the curves are quite smooth considering you are using something that could break so easily.

Wavy head-Creative Chalk Carvings


How cool is this carving? How they managed to do all of the different parts of the bike is something that your mind will probably struggle with, but the main thing is to just look at it and admire it for what it's worth and that is a wonderful piece of art from a highly skilled artist.

Motorbike-Creative Chalk Carvings

6.Funny face

This carving is actually quite funny when you look at the detail in it and even though you could argue that it is not the finest of work you have to admire the skill that is clearly involved in creating something out of such a fragile material as chalk. With this image it has to be the eyebrows that really clinches it because they are so raised from the rest of the piece that you are drawn to them.

Funny face-Creative Chalk Carvings

7.Picasso head

The best way to describe this particular carving out of chalk is that it resembles the kind of head that you would imagine Picasso doing. This is carved from the same stick of chalk that used to be in schools all over the world, so you get an idea as to the size and even though it may not be as intricate as other pieces it is still an excellent carving.

Picasso head-Creative Chalk Carvings

8.Chair and heads

This may seem like a strange mixture, but it is merely an artist showing off some of their work at the one time. The chair alone is breathtaking as are the different heads, but you need to remember how small these carvings are to fully appreciate the work that has gone into their production.

Chair and heads-Creative Chalk Carvings


Even though it does not look like it, this artistic dragon is carved entirely out of chalk. Clearly it is a block that has been used and it is highly stylized compared to what you probably had in your mind before looking at the image, but the detail in it and the craftsmanship really is outstanding.

Dragon-Creative Chalk Carvings

10.Dome carvings

These chalk carvings are amazing because the detail in them is second to none and of course the fact that they are in these domes does mean that they are somewhat protected and you will be able to admire them for even longer. There are several different types, including somebody being killed if you look closely enough, and it shows how creative artists can be with something as simple as chalk.

Dome carvings-Creative Chalk Carvings


The idea behind these carvings may be quite simple, but these two little hearts are still impressive considering they are carved out of something as fragile as chalk. It is also the size of the carving that makes you step back for a moment and wonder how they manage to do it because the patience that they have, as well as a steady hand, is one of the most amazing things about it.

Hearts-Creative Chalk Carvings


If you look closely you will see that this is actually a carving of the Indian god, Ganesh and the detail that has gone into the carvings really is outstanding. How the artist managed to carve this out of a simple piece of chalk, and it is the chalk that was used by your teacher, and you wonder how it did not just break under the pressure.

Ganesh-Creative Chalk Carvings



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