Creative Oreo Desserts

Friday, Aug 14, 2020, 7:43 pm
By:Mike Litzler

1.Mega cheesecake

How good does this look from this angle? The layers in it must make your mouth water and the Oreo cheesecake in the middle just rounds everything off. Just think about that along with some ice cream and you have a dessert to die for even though it will do nothing to help your waistline. Yes it is indulgent, but who cares when it tastes as good as this and all because of Oreos.

Mega cheesecake-Creative Oreo Desserts

2.Donut cake

Take sponge, a cream filling, icing, and Oreos and you get this giant donut cake and this is going to be one of the best snacks that you will have ever had. Would you cut it up into pieces? Would you try to eat it all yourself? It would certainly be well worth having a shot all on your own even though you might need to diet after it.

Donut cake-Creative Oreo Desserts

3.Bowl of Oreos

This may not be the pretties of desserts and indeed it is home made, but just look at this if you want to indulge yourself on Oreos. How tempting is it to just dive in and eat as much as you like? There is nothing fancy about it just layers and layers of Oreos and cream, but you know that you would give it a go and would enjoy every single minute of it.

Bowl of Oreos-Creative Oreo Desserts

4.Oreo milkshake

For a different dessert how about this Oreo milkshake? Yes it does contain milk and Oreos broken up into it to make it this color and as long as you love chocolate milkshake there is no reason why you will not love this as well. OK you could say that it is merely a drink, but when it looks as good as this does it not deserve to be treated as some kind of after meal dessert?

Oreo milkshake-Creative Oreo Desserts

5.Mint meltaways

How about these mint meltaways as a snack or as dessert? How tasty do they actually look with the combination of mint and Oreos? These snacks are very easy to make and gives your taste buds a bit of a kick from the moment you place one in your mouth. This is perfect for a party, or perfect if you just love the combination of mint and an Oreo.

Mint meltaways-Creative Oreo Desserts


This dessert can have piece of Oreo included in the mixture rather than the chocolate drops and indeed it can also be included in the filling in the middle as well as then being broken up for the base. This adds some crunch to it all and you can just easily cut off a slice as you see fit and eat until your heart is content. Yes this is a calorie busting dessert, but who cares when it looks and tastes as good as this.

Lasagne-Creative Oreo Desserts

7.Cream bake

This cream bake mainly uses pieces of Oreo in the topping and it just adds a bit of crunch to it and brings the entire thing to life. As you see it is made up of layers and it can be served all on its own and is the perfect dessert for a party for anybody of any age. The hard part is trying to avoid the temptation to pick out the pieces and eat them before it is being served.

Cream bake-Creative Oreo Desserts

8.Stuffed cupcakes

This is clever as it basically uses an Oreo as part of the cupcake with a lovely creamy filling in the middle. They may look a bit strange, but your mouth will not think that when it hits your tongue and sends your taste buds crazy. This is perfect for children to nibble on as well as the big child in us adults.

Stuffed cupcakes-Creative Oreo Desserts

9.Chocolate cake

This is a pretty straightforward chocolate cake, but using broken up Oreo pieces in the filling as well as the icing and of course for decoration. This cake is quite rich without being too heavy and it certainly tastes amazing resulting in it being something to die for. Making it is the same as a normal chocolate cake, so there is nothing special about it at all.

Chocolate cake-Creative Oreo Desserts

10.Ice cream cake

Yes this actually is an Oreo inspired frozen ice cream cake that you can cut into slices. Guest will go absolutely crazy for this particular dessert and you can understand why when you look at it. It does take some preparation on your part, but when it is finished you will fall in love with it and just want to work your way though the entire dessert in the one go.

Ice cream cake-Creative Oreo Desserts


Yes this dessert is packed with cream and marshmallows along with some after dinner mints, but when you taste it you will absolutely love it. OK it may not be the healthiest option, but when it comes to indulgence there is probably nothing better than this kind of dessert especially if you have a very sweet tooth that needs to be satisfied.

Creamy-Creative Oreo Desserts


How about a slightly different cookie with an oreo and using it pretty much broken up like chocolate chip. Imagine this then being dunked into a drink and you would be in absolute heaven. However, do be prepared to ration yourself or you will end up eating everything and then think of the disappointment when you discover that everything is finished.

Cookies-Creative Oreo Desserts


This is going to make your mouth water as it is an oreo and chocolate chip cookie brownie with some fudge thrown in for good measure. This may contain a lot of calories, but it will blow your taste buds out of your mouth with how good it is. That picture alone is probably making your mouth water and you will be wishing you could have one right now.

Brownie-Creative Oreo Desserts


Yes this is a cookies and cream fudge and you know it is going to taste fantastic. Ok this could be passed off as a sweet rather than a dessert, but it is still worth a mention in here due to the fact that it will be exceptionally tasty and something that you will absolutely die for. Once again the difficulty is going to be in stopping yourself.

Fudge-Creative Oreo Desserts

15.Cream cheesecake

How good does this look? Basically you are using the oreo as the base of a cream cheesecake, but making it bite size to correspond with the biscuit. This is so easy to make and you will have real difficulty in stopping yourself from eating every single one that you have baked and do be prepared to fight off guests as well.

Cream cheesecake-Creative Oreo Desserts



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