Crazy Reasons Why Weddings Were Postponed

Thursday, Aug 27, 2020, 7:09 pm
By:Tony Williams

1.Hungover Bride

Waking up in a strange hotel room and vomiting on the morning of your wedding is not a great start, but thats what happened to Siobhan Watson. The night before her $10,000 wedding, she tied one on at her bachelorette party causing her to oversleep and show up to the church five hours too late.

Hungover Bride-Crazy Reasons Why Weddings Were Postponed

2.Wire Cutters Sabotaged Wedding of Soccer Star

Chelsea midfielder Michael Essein was planning to get married in Spain in 2012, when wire cutters sabotaged his Real Madrid match at Rayo Vallecano. With the electrical system being hacked, the game was delayed into the night forcing Essein to cancel his flight from England to the wedding, disappointing not only his bride but many friends and teammates.

Wire Cutters Sabotaged Wedding of Soccer Star-Crazy Reasons Why Weddings Were Postponed

3.Couple Choose To Attend Rapper's Concert

die hard fans are die hard fans. So it would make sense that when pril Swaim and her fiance, Woody heard that their favorite rapper, Tech N9ne was playing in Charlotte, North Carolina at the same time as their wedding, the pushed their nuptials back so they could attend the concert.

Couple Choose To Attend Rapper's Concert-Crazy Reasons Why Weddings Were Postponed

4.Bride's Father Arrested For Fraud

When Martin Rhys-Jones was arrested on fraud and money laundering charges, his daughter Emma and her fiance, Real Madrid soccer star Gareth Bale, decided to postpone their wedding. With Gareth being the most expensive soccer player in the world, maybe Martin could have just borrowed from him if he was hard up for money.

Bride's Father Arrested For Fraud-Crazy Reasons Why Weddings Were Postponed

5.Bride Faked Kidnapping

If you don't want to get married it seems logical to just kidnap yourself, right? Well, that's what Jennifer Wilbanks thought in 2005, when she was about to marry John Mason at the Atlanta Athletic Club in Georgia. Claiming she was kidnapped to New Mexico, her family posted a $100,000 reward for her safe return, but later found out it was all a lie.

Bride Faked Kidnapping-Crazy Reasons Why Weddings Were Postponed

6.Groom Arrested On Rape Charges

John Azabache thought he would be walking down the aisle to marry his fiancee, Amanda Rae DeLuccia, but instead was walking into a police station on rape charges on the day of his wedding. The Westchester High School teacher was brought into custody charges from a sixteen year old student.

Groom Arrested On Rape Charges-Crazy Reasons Why Weddings Were Postponed

7.Ring Bearing Owl Flies Away With Rings

Darcy the owl has a great job. She acts as a ring bearer at weddings as she flies the rings to the alter in a little bag. Sounds beautiful, right? Well, most of the time it is, but not in the case of Sonia Cadman and Andrew Matley's wedding in Sherston, Wiltshire, England. Seems Darcy had other plans as she flew down the aisle at the Holy Cross Church but then took a detour to the roof with the rings.

Ring Bearing Owl Flies Away With Rings-Crazy Reasons Why Weddings Were Postponed

8.Groom Used Wrong Name For Bride At Alter

Nothing's worse than professing your love for your bride at your marriage ceremony and using the wrong name. Zhao Lei did that very thing while reciting his wedding vows in Beijing, calling his bridge to be Xiao Ling when her name was Zhao Ting. Where did he get the name of Xiao Ling? Ooops, she was his first love.

Groom Used Wrong Name For Bride At Alter-Crazy Reasons Why Weddings Were Postponed

9.Bride's Lizard Needed Chemo

Sometimes the pet comes first, as was the case for Lizzie Griffiths and her bearded dragon named George. Upon learning that her beloved lizard needed chemo, Lizzie used all of her savings, $4800 that was ear marked for her marriage to Chris Fischer, to treat the ailing pet that she only had for one year.

Bride's Lizard Needed Chemo-Crazy Reasons Why Weddings Were Postponed

10.Bride Stabs Groom

Na Cola Franklin had an argument with Billy Brewster after his bachelor party, Na Cola took a kitchen knife to his chest, stabbing him twice and puncturing his heart. She was subsequently arrested and sent to prison, and of course her wedding was postponed indefinitely. We all know how much stress wedding planning can cause, but this is over the top.

Bride Stabs Groom-Crazy Reasons Why Weddings Were Postponed

11.Man Cuts Off Testicles

An hour before a wedding was about to begin, as guests took their seats, a man burst into the All Saint's Church in Hutton England, throwing chairs and causing a commotion. Before he would be stopped he took a scissors to his testicles, cutting them off, much to the dismay and shock of everyone. He was later apprehended and the wedding was postponed.

Man Cuts Off Testicles-Crazy Reasons Why Weddings Were Postponed

12.Groom Gets Cold Feet, Burns Down Venue

When Tatsuhiko Kawata realized that he couldn't go through with his marriage to his fiancee, he burned down the venue the night before The thirty six year old was dating his fiancee for three years, but unbeknownst to her he was already married and had a child. I guess that's one way of getting out of the whole mess.

Groom Gets Cold Feet, Burns Down Venue-Crazy Reasons Why Weddings Were Postponed



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