Craziest Lottery Stories

Sunday, Aug 16, 2020, 4:57 pm
By:Tony Williams

1.Lucky beggar

A woman who won $1 million on the lottery gave a ticket to a beggar as a gift. That ticket ended up winning $260,000, so when she found out she ended up trying to sue the beggar to get the money. What is the point in giving a gift if you then do that? It actually tells you more than you need to know about that particular lottery winner.

Lucky beggar-Craziest Lottery Stories

2.2nd better than 1st

In the UK lottery in 2012 there was a draw where the second prize was bigger than the first. This was due to the number of people that won the jackpot, but imagine how disappointed you would be to discover that you were better off not winning the jackpot on this one single occasion?

2nd better than 1st-Craziest Lottery Stories


A woman once tried to sue the lottery company for not stopping her from losing over $300k of her own money playing their games. She had a bad gambling problem, but for some reason she thought that it was up to the lottery company to make sure that only certain people could play. It looks like she has more problems than just a gambling addiction.

Loser-Craziest Lottery Stories

4.Scratch-off victory

In the US, a guy pressurized his friend into buying the last scratch-off card that was left in the shop and to shut him up his friend went ahead and did so. What happened was that he then won $200k, so imagine the scene. This guy was ecstatic at winning, but how did his friend feel? Did he wish he had bought it himself?

Scratch-off victory-Craziest Lottery Stories

5.Sink winnings

A guy in England who won �1 million knew how he was going to splash out with his winnings. First he bought himself a pair of slippers for �10, but then he decided to get his wife something she had always wanted. A new stainless steel sink. Imagine your husband buying you that as a gift?

Sink winnings-Craziest Lottery Stories

6.dead advice

In 2009 a woman in New York who had won the lottery claimed her dead mother told her to buy a ticket. Basically she had a dream of her mother handing her a ticket and thought it was a sign to go ahead and do so with her ending up winning a huge sum of money.

dead advice-Craziest Lottery Stories

7.Fake buyer

In England, some guy went into a number of stores claiming he had won a huge lottery prize and quickly picked up items costing thousands. He then made his excuse to nip outside for a minute and promptly vanished leaving the goods inside. Why would anybody want to actually do that? What was the point?

Fake buyer-Craziest Lottery Stories

8.Lucky man

How cool would it be to win $200k on a scratcher? How much cooler would it be to then win $200k again four months later on the same game? That is exactly what happened to a guy in Rock Hill and what are the odds of that happening? How shocked would you be the second time you checked out that winning card?

Lucky man-Craziest Lottery Stories

9.House party

Two brothers in Wichita won $75,000 on the lottery, so of course they bought some drugs to celebrate. However, when they tried to refill their butane torch, some gas escaped and blew up the house resulting in one ending up in hospital with burns and the other arrested for possession of drugs.

House party-Craziest Lottery Stories

10.Government bias?

In Thailand they have a lucky license plate lottery, but at one point there was an argument that it was fixed due to the number of times some government official won it. This led people to believe that they were helping themselves to the money or using the lottery to bribe others even if they were political opponents.

Government bias?-Craziest Lottery Stories


If you won $1 million what would you do with it? This guy in America plans on using most of his winnings on his chickens, but why? Why would you spend most of your money on them and have them living the life of luxury and ignore yourself? That really is just a strange way to spend your winnings.

Chickens-Craziest Lottery Stories

12.The fake ticket

This guy is Wade Miley and his fellow baseball players decided to play a prank on him and inserted a fake winning lottery ticket into his normal ones. He thought he had won $10k and was going crazy giving out high fives only to then discover on film that he was worth nothing and his dreams were shattered.

The fake ticket-Craziest Lottery Stories



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