Coolest Homes Made From Vehicles

Friday, Jul 1, 2022, 1:30 pm
By:Tony Williams

1.House car

Well this dates from 1925, so you wonder how well equipped it is going to be even by 1925 standards. The size is not that big, so do not expect to be able to walk around and stretch your legs.

House car-Coolest Homes Made From Vehicles

2.Public Transport Revisited

This functional and streamlined home was once a public bus. It is hard to believe that people one sat aboard this lovely home off to their destinations. Today it is parked in a tranquil spot surrounded by peace and quiet.

Public Transport Revisited-Coolest Homes Made From Vehicles

3.Vogue Magazine?

This organic styled bathroom in neutrals could be in the home of any top notch property. Instead, it is part of a converted plane.

Vogue Magazine?-Coolest Homes Made From Vehicles

4.Where Could This Be?

Looking at this wood paneled warm bedroom one would never imagine that they were in fact looking at a renovated jet. The entire home is curved and the original windows kept. yet the light fittings and style with which it has been put together certainly spells luxury.

Where Could This Be?-Coolest Homes Made From Vehicles

5.Add A Room

Another disused train carriage. This time simplicity has created an artistic yet simple space. Even the windows have been left in place. This carriage has been placed in a garden to create an extra dining room for the family.

Add A Room-Coolest Homes Made From Vehicles

6.Quaint Disused Cabin

This quaint home has been made from a disused train cabin. It has a perfect spot in the woods with tall windows inviting the woodland into the room. It is probably one of the most relaxing authentic homes one can own.

Quaint Disused Cabin-Coolest Homes Made From Vehicles

7.Never Ending Views

What could be better than an excellent view? An excellent view that changes as you go along perhaps? This gorgeous mobile home is fully fitted and luxurious too.

Never Ending Views-Coolest Homes Made From Vehicles

8.Travel Bus

This gorgeous travel bus has been made into not only a comfortable home, but also a cheerful and warm place to be.

Travel Bus-Coolest Homes Made From Vehicles

9.Trailer Homes On the Move

This pristine view of a kitchen looks like a stunning modern home. In face, it is a renovated MCS Trailer mobile home. The appliances are modern and the fittings perfect. The light distribution adds an airy clean feeling plus, there seems to be tons of storage space.

Trailer Homes On the Move-Coolest Homes Made From Vehicles

10.Marine Life

This rustic home was once a submarine. The use of green lighting and lots of plants everywhere removes that hard feeling that submarines could have. In its place is a home that anyone would feel comfortable in.

Marine Life-Coolest Homes Made From Vehicles

11.Discarded Old Train

This spacious and modern home has been made inside of an old train. Don't underestimate where your dream home can be and at a fraction of the cost. The light flooring and walls helps add to the spacious feeling.

Discarded Old Train-Coolest Homes Made From Vehicles

12.The Old School Bus

Believe it or not, this beautiful home was once an old school bus. The wood paneling is quite sophisticated and appealing in its design.. The home comes complete with fully working bathroom and wood stove as well as kitchen fittings. There is even a desk for the computer.

The Old School Bus-Coolest Homes Made From Vehicles



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