Coolest Billionaire Toys

Tuesday, Jul 12, 2022, 4:43 pm
By:Tony Williams

1.Richard Branson's submarine

In addition to his rocket and his island, Richard Branson also owns a submarine which he rents out -- probably to people who have almost as much money as he does. What does all of this mean? It means that if life is nothing more than a contest over who dies with the most toys, Richard Branson is on his way to winning.

Richard Branson's submarine-Coolest Billionaire Toys

2.Trump's plane

It's not unusual for rich guys to own a plane. But as this is Donald Trump we are talking about here, we should not expect the usual. Donald Trump's plane comes equipped with gold seat belts and probably everything else you can imagine would go on a plane. No, the woman in the picture is not included.

Trump's plane-Coolest Billionaire Toys

3.Richard Branson's rocket

Owning a rocket seems to be a big deal these days among billionaires. Richard Branson is the latest to own one. As you can see, he's very happy about this brand new venture. It is also worth, noting, by the way, that Branson's actual rocket will be a bit larger than one he is holding.

Richard Branson's rocket-Coolest Billionaire Toys

4.David Koch's balloon

A very rich man named David Koch does not believe that climate change is real. And he hopes to prove it. How? He hopes to travel from city to city delivering his proof in a giant hot air balloon. The idea is that the tour will show that climate change is just "hot air."

David Koch's balloon-Coolest Billionaire Toys

5.Jeff Bezos's rocket

Most of us can only dream of blasting off into space. But Jeff Bezo, the multi-billionaire founder of Amazon has enough money to make this a reality. His rocket is scheduled to lift people seventy five miles above the earth then return them -- hopefully with their heads still attached to their bodies.

Jeff Bezos's rocket-Coolest Billionaire Toys

6.Bill Gates's fish tank

Bill Gates was once the world's richest man. He recently tumbled from the spot and was replaced by Carlos Slim Helu of Mexico. If nothing else, Gates is able to console himself with a pretty impressive fish tank. Think about it. How many people own fish tanks that have their own divers?

Bill Gates's fish tank-Coolest Billionaire Toys

7.Mukesh Ambani's home

Most people's homes are not considered toys. But the dwelling of a billionaire named Mukesh Ambani deserves the label because with a a price tag of 29 billion dollars. It's hard to know what else to call it. Clearly anybody who needs that much luxury has some serious play in mind.

Mukesh Ambani's home-Coolest Billionaire Toys

8.Paul Allen's arena

When Paul Allen's NBA team needed an arena, their owner supervised the construction of a giant toy that cost 262 million dollars. But things went horribly wrong and the property fell into the ownership of other investors. With a net worth of 21 billion dollars, it's probably safe to say that Allen will land on his feet.

Paul Allen's arena-Coolest Billionaire Toys

9.Gordon Getty's empire

Life must occasionally get a little rough for Getty oil fortune heir Gordon Getty. But the good news is that if he ever wants to drown his sorrows with a glass of wine, he doesn't just have his own wine, he has his own winery. It's actually just a part of the larger PlumpJack hospitality empire.

Gordon Getty's empire-Coolest Billionaire Toys

10.Richard Branson's island

Many rich folks are known to scamper away to a secluded region when they need some time alone. Richard Branson, however, has them beat. He owns a secluded region called Necker Island. I suppose when your net worth is roughly 2.5 billion dollars you can do things like that.

Richard Branson's island-Coolest Billionaire Toys

11.Hitler's Mercedes

Who in the world would want to own a Mercedes once owned by everybody's least favorite German, Hitler? The answer is nobody knows. The buyer of this vehicle has wisely chosen to remain anonymous. The only thing known about him (or her) is that they are from Russia.

Hitler's Mercedes-Coolest Billionaire Toys

12.Paul Allen's planes

The Microsoft co-founder has a hobby that may be outside of most of our price ranges. He collects and restores planes from World War Two. As you may imagine this hobby can get a little pricey. For example the hanger alone -- where he keeps his prized planes -- cost him 5.2 million dollars.

Paul Allen's planes-Coolest Billionaire Toys

13.Steven Cohen's shark

Steven Cohen is a hedge fund manager whose net worth is 11.4 billion. While the rest of us with a little extra cash may purchase a little goldfish, Steven Cohen has purchased a shark. Best of all, he got a discount -- the big fish cost him only 8 million dollars because it was beginning to deteriorate.

Steven Cohen's shark-Coolest Billionaire Toys

14.Roman Abromovich's yacht

Roman Abromovich is a Russian businessman who has had what many consider success -- if you consider a net worth of 11 billion dollars successful. His boat is actually the biggest yacht in the world. This makes perfect sense for a man of his wealth. But it makes no sense for anybody else.

Roman Abromovich's yacht-Coolest Billionaire Toys

15.Truett Cathy

Truett Cathy, the owner of the Chick-fil-A food chain, has recently bought a new car. The car he bought is commonly known as the Batmobile. The price tag from the car featured in the movie Batman Returns is a hefty 250,000 dollars. Of course, this is a man whose net worth is roughly 2 billion dollars.

Truett Cathy-Coolest Billionaire Toys



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