Clever Ways People Make Money In Today's Economy

Saturday, Aug 22, 2020, 10:21 am
By:Tony Williams

1.Rent Your Home

If you live in a tourist destination or even place of interest you can hire your home out during peak seasons. This is particularly good if you are renting to foreign residents and can ask to be paid in GBP for example.

Rent Your Home-Clever Ways People Make Money In Today's Economy

2.Emergency Transport

What happens to busy people with money when their have pets have to go the vet? Or they have elderly parents to take to the doctors and kids to ferry around? They hire a 'Care Transport Service'. The service might be steady as in taking kids to school daily and 'on-call' for emergency transport issues. Most charge from $800 per week with additional costs for vehicle maintenance and gas. With any call out appointments not planned for ranging from $100 to $200 a shot. Quite lucrative if you only have two families on your books!

Emergency Transport-Clever Ways People Make Money In Today's Economy

3.The New Dog Walkers

In the old days people used to charge a few bucks for dog walking. Today with a bit of training under their belt they offer not only dog walking, but also dog training and dealing with behavioral issues. A weekly fee can start off with a minimum of $500 per week.

The New Dog Walkers-Clever Ways People Make Money In Today's Economy


Offering a concierge service. Doing all those jobs rich people cant be bothered to do. Like picking up registered post, walking the poodle, clearing the pool, cooking, finding those items they want so bad but cant be bothered to find themselves. Many services like this start at around $200 per day depending on what you offer.

Concierge-Clever Ways People Make Money In Today's Economy

5.The New House Sitting

House sitting has become big business. With nice built in charges for dogs included and even children. Many are charging from $100 per day, which can soon add up to a tidy sum.

The New House Sitting-Clever Ways People Make Money In Today's Economy

6.Sell Your Own Flesh and Blood!

If you are drug free and healthy selling your own blood plasma is big business. Selling bits of yourself doesn't end there. Hair is in high demand, so if yours is uncolored, healthy and ten inches long with no sun damage you have a saleable item! The money is particularly good for hair but obviously sporadic. You can even sell your breast milk!

Sell Your Own Flesh and Blood!-Clever Ways People Make Money In Today's Economy

7.Virtual Reality Makes Real Money

This clever developer made buildings and real estate for Second Life's member base which is a virtual reality game. The members at Second Life pay rent for such premises. Although her fortune is still tied up primarily in Linden Dollars the currency of the game the estimated real dollar value is valued at $150 000. per year. Which she can claim at any time.

Virtual Reality Makes Real Money-Clever Ways People Make Money In Today's Economy

8.Personal Paparazzi

Now everyone can feel famous and stalked by the Paparazzi! For a small fee they will truly make you feel harassed and like a million dollars.

Personal Paparazzi-Clever Ways People Make Money In Today's Economy

9.Take a Sock Subscription?

This might seem like a crazy idea but then all good ones are! Imagine selling a sock subscription to people and supplying them with socks every so many months per year. This business has taken off big time as people cant be bothered about buying such boring necessaries.

Take a Sock Subscription?-Clever Ways People Make Money In Today's Economy

10.Selling Facebook Accounts

Believe it or not if you have an established account with many followers and commenter's, your facebook could be worth a packet. This is for people serious about internet marketing.

Selling Facebook Accounts-Clever Ways People Make Money In Today's Economy

11.Sell Butterfly's?

The person who does in fact make huge amounts of money out of selling live butterfly's got into this strange business on a bet. He was dared to try and sell them and see how far he got. He's made over a million and is still going strong!

Sell Butterfly's?-Clever Ways People Make Money In Today's Economy

12.Hire a Friend

Friends are like hens-teeth these days so why not hire yourself out as one? This can include just hanging around to formal events like weddings and work functions. The minimum charge is $50 per hour.

Hire a Friend-Clever Ways People Make Money In Today's Economy



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