Best Things To Buy In October

Sunday, Aug 16, 2020, 6:47 pm
By:Tony Williams

1.Camping equipment

October is a great month to replenish the items that you used when camping during the summer. The suppliers realize that it is all about preparing for next year, but they will want to sell the old equipment in order to make room for next years models, so you can easily pick up a bargain and can bolster your own equipment for next to nothing.

Camping equipment-Best Things To Buy In October

2.Gardening tools

Buying new gardening equipment in October makes a lot of sense because the growing season is over and the stores are trying to just get any money they can before it all starts again in the spring. This does mean that it gives you the perfect opportunity to buy new tools or various other items at reduced prices and if you are confident enough to deal with plants over winter, then there are a few bargains available with them as well.

Gardening tools-Best Things To Buy In October

3.School supplies

October is a fantastic month to purchase school supplies because by this time they have moved so much of it to the bargain bin as they are clearing space for other products, You need to remember that school supplies only have an expiry date of when your child leaves school, so save yourself a small fortune by buying in bulk at this time of the year.

School supplies-Best Things To Buy In October


In October this strange thing happens whereby there is always a lot of denim hitting the shops at discounted prices. This is often put down to the stores thinking that people are going to be looking for Fall clothes rather than wearing denim, so if you are quick enough you can pick up a real bargain and replace that old tired looking stuff that you have worn to death over the summer.

Denim-Best Things To Buy In October


Toys are another good thing to buy this month because so many of the companies are starting to prepare for Christmas that they will begin to offer discounts on certain toys meaning you can get an absolute bargain if you are lucky enough. This is going to involve you spending some time hunting around different suppliers, but if you are organized for Christmas, then this could be a good time to buy for your children.

Toys-Best Things To Buy In October


October is seen as being a major month for the music industry and you will tend to find a lot of your favorite stars will start releasing new material as they start to build up to Christmas. Keep an eye out on their fan pages for news and information about what they are doing and you will ultimately see how busy it is and they do tend to have a few concerts going on as well.

Music-Best Things To Buy In October

7.See a show

Apparently October is a traditionally slow month for places such as Broadway, so this does mean that you can often pick up a few bargains and see some of the best shows in town for a fraction of the price. The only problem here is that more people are picking up on this fact, so there are fewer tickets going around than normal, but if you are quick it should result in you making a huge saving.

See a show-Best Things To Buy In October


Buying a new car is something that you should think about doing in October as a lot of new models tend to come out in September, so there are usually a lot of great deals to be had if you are willing to hunt around a bit for them. Dealers are willing to really work with you because they are desperate for any sales that they can get, so push your luck a bit and you never know the amazing deal you could get.

Cars-Best Things To Buy In October

9.Soup ingredients

You should really do yourself a favor and make sure that you buy the correct ingredients to make some thick, warm soup because nothing helps you better in an autumn day than making some soup like this. Just think about it as you are on your way home and you will instantly start to feel better, so make sure the ingredients are in stock at all times to avoid disappointment.

Soup ingredients-Best Things To Buy In October

10.Fairy Tales

With the nights getting colder it makes sense to keep your children entertained with some fairy tales and none are going to be better than those by the Brothers Grimm. Look at buying a book containing a number of their stories and enjoy reading them to your children at night allowing them to enter a mystical world and one that they will find some comfort in as well.

Fairy Tales-Best Things To Buy In October


Tying in with the Halloween idea, a simply pumpkin is one of the best things to buy this month because it is not only tasty to eat, but you can also make a cool lantern out of it and scare people. The pumpkin gives some warmth to you when you eat it and overall it is something that needs to be on your shopping list.

Pumpkin-Best Things To Buy In October

12.Halloween Costume

One of the best things to buy in October has to be a Halloween costume since it does of course include one of the scariest days of the year. There are now so many costumes out there even for adults never mind children that you should go ahead and have a bit of fun and buy yourself something scary.

Halloween Costume-Best Things To Buy In October



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