Best Facebook Pranks

Tuesday, Aug 18, 2020, 6:08 pm
By:Tony Williams

We all love playing pranks on our friends. They are a crucial part of friendship. But like technology pranking has also evolved in its insanity and the way it's done. With the evolution of internet and social media, pranking has become common on Facebook. Here are 12 hilarious Facebook pranks ever played.
4.Birthday prank

This is still a nice prank to play, but at least it is not as harsh as some of the other pranks that people play on one another. Yes all that this involves is changing their birthday for a bit and then waiting to see why they are so surprised at getting all of those birthday messages.

Birthday prank-Best Facebook Pranks
5.Personal stuff

This shows that you can still do a Facebook prank even when the person is just using their cell phone to log in. Whatever you do, never log in, then allow somebody else to use your phone because the result is something like this happening and you can see how it will then take some explaining.

Personal stuff-Best Facebook Pranks

6.Too honest

Do not think that your partner is going to protect you on Facebook because in actual fact partners are often the people that you really need to be aware of. The boyfriend is the guilty party here because he is kind of telling the world something that should be private, but it is still a classic prank.

Too honest-Best Facebook Pranks