Best Breaking Bad Finale Reactions

Saturday, Aug 22, 2020, 6:43 pm
By:Tony Williams

1.Wish For A Hug At The End

There are some people who wish that Walt and Jesse stood there and hugged at the end in a poignant moment. With everyone so happy with the ending, this would have just added to the perfection of the finale. Well, for some people, not all. There are just as many that like it exactly the way it was.

Wish For A Hug At The End-Best Breaking Bad Finale Reactions

2.First Aid Kit

Everyone should have had this Breaking Bad first aid kit to use after the finale. You've got the gag reel, a pamphlet on living after Breaking Bad, some vices, like chocolate, vodka, and blue rock candy, to get you through the tough withdrawal, pain reliever for the pain, tissues for the tears ... and if all else fails, matches and gasoline.

First Aid Kit-Best Breaking Bad Finale Reactions

3.I Was Alive

He did what he did in order to survive his cancer. What he didn't know ahead of time was how much he was going to like selling meth. That's doesn't make him a good person but it also doesn't make him a bad person. Fans of the show fell in love with his characters will to survive.

I Was Alive-Best Breaking Bad Finale Reactions

4.That's All Bitch

A take on the end of Looney Tunes cartoons, when Porky Pig would say, "Th-th-that's all folks!" It's funny to see Aaron Paul telling us that's all folks. He played such an integral part in Walt's journey. Many people were sad to see the show end, but were happy with the outcome.

That's All Bitch-Best Breaking Bad Finale Reactions

5.I Survived Bitch

Walt survived alright. He may have gotten cancer, he may have had drug lords after him and he may have had the law after him, but Walt is one resilient guy. He did what he had to do, and he made it through. Fans of the show were ecstatic to see him survive it all in the finale.

I Survived Bitch-Best Breaking Bad Finale Reactions

6.Blood. Meth. Tears.

Some people are very creative in their tributes to Breaking Bad. Breaking Bad was about blood, meth and tears but not in that order. First, were tears from Walt having cancer, then he sold meth, and then came the blood shed. A unique show from start to finish, it showed what you can do when you have to.

Blood. Meth. Tears.-Best Breaking Bad Finale Reactions

7.Gone But Not Forgotten

There are some shows that end but are never forgotten. They live on into infamy in our memories, and of course in reruns. Show like Lost, where people invest a lot of time into the plot and the characters, make a mark in television history. Breaking Bad is such a show.

Gone But Not Forgotten-Best Breaking Bad Finale Reactions

8.Best Closure Than Last Relationship

You know it's a great show finale when people walk away feeling like they got closure. Apparently this guy Joshua feels like he got more closure than he got in his last relationship, and it's probably true of many people who tuned in to see how it would all end.

Best Closure Than Last Relationship-Best Breaking Bad Finale Reactions

9.Most Bizarre Love Story

Breaking Bad gave us a love story for the ages. Not a show that, at first glance, would that you would think was a love story,but if you missed this one you've got to see it. Not to give anything away, but bizarre is not even touching the surface of this show.

Most Bizarre Love Story-Best Breaking Bad Finale Reactions

10.Stay Out Of My Territory

He may look innocent here, but Walt. is not one to mess with, as he proved in the finale. It's funny that this caption says "stay out of my territory," because that's what he wanted. He wanted everyone to stay out of his drug territory, and if they didn't, well then.

Stay Out Of My Territory-Best Breaking Bad Finale Reactions

11.Cry Bitch

A cool send off for the Breaking Bad. This is what most people felt like when after the finale. Curled up in fetal position, trying not to cry, but then it just happened. the tears began to flow and wouldn't stop. Grown men crying over a television show. Goodbye Breaking Bad, goodbye.

Cry Bitch-Best Breaking Bad Finale Reactions


Most people thought that Walt was going to get what was coming to him in the end. Not so fast. He rigged his trunk so that it would open and a gun would pop up to shoot out of the back. Pretty tricky and a little James Bondish. Brave, Mr. Gilligan, is right, that's for sure.

Bravo-Best Breaking Bad Finale Reactions



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