Beautiful Oases Around The World

Monday, Jul 11, 2022, 6:14 pm
By:Tony Williams


If you were asked to draw an oasis, then most people would end up drawing something that looks like this photograph. It is in Niger, so you will struggle to visit it, but it is the picture postcard oasis that everybody dreams of at night.

Niger-Beautiful Oases Around The World

2.Oman desert oasis

Go on admit it, this is a beautiful oasis in the desert in Oman. It has the palm trees, it has the wilderness, and it has the water, so what else do you want from this particular gift from mother nature? Surely you would love to visit this in person and just soak up the surroundings?

Oman desert oasis-Beautiful Oases Around The World

3.Qatif Oasis, Saudi Arabia

This is not just an oasis, but it is also a city on the Persian Gulf. The city is thousands of years old and it is certainly a joy exploring it if you love history. The fact that it is in such a dry part of a dry country just makes the entire thing even more remarkable.

Qatif Oasis, Saudi Arabia-Beautiful Oases Around The World

4.Tinerhir Oasis, Morocco

This oasis pops up in the desert along with a substantial sized town and that alone gives you an indication as to how much water is actually under the ground there. The trees are lush even though the surrounds are as arid as they possibly can be.

Tinerhir Oasis, Morocco-Beautiful Oases Around The World

5.Nahal David Oasis, Israel

This oasis is close to Bethlehem and it really is just this small sanctuary in an area that has had so many problems over the last few decades. This place is so quiet and so beautiful that you will just want to sit there for hours and soak up everything that is around you.

Nahal David Oasis, Israel-Beautiful Oases Around The World

6.Khar nur, Mongolia

This has been a popular camping spot for travelers for centuries and it is simply because of the fact that there is no real other water source for some distance. This small lake offers absolute peace and quiet as well as the chance to recharge your batteries before moving on elsewhere.

Khar nur, Mongolia-Beautiful Oases Around The World

7.Chebika Oasis, Tunisia

If you look at more images of this oasis, then there is a very good chance that you will recognize it if you are a movie buff. The reason for that is it is the oasis that appears in Star Wars Episode IV, and you can kind of understand why when you look at how vast and awe-inspiring it is.

Chebika Oasis, Tunisia-Beautiful Oases Around The World

8.Crescent Lake oasis, China

This is in the Gobi desert, but there is a good chance that it is going to vanish in the very near future. The problem is that the water level has dropped as local farmers divert water away for their crops, so there is a very real worry that it will no longer exist very soon indeed.

Crescent Lake oasis, China-Beautiful Oases Around The World

9.Desert Lake, Brazil

As you can see here, Brazil is not all about a rainforest because it does have vast empty areas and one has this rather stunning oasis in the middle. As you can see there is just no hint of it as you approach it, then suddenly this water is there in front of you and how beautiful is the entire setting?

Desert Lake, Brazil-Beautiful Oases Around The World

10.Turpan Oasis, China

This may not be the normal kind of oasis that you think of, but there is no doubt that this one in China is pretty spectacular. In actual fact it is classed as being an oasis city and there are indeed people that both live and farm here.

Turpan Oasis, China-Beautiful Oases Around The World

11.Huacachina Oasis, Peru

This is not only an oasis in Peru, but it is also a small town on its own. It is very surprising to find this oasis just in the middle of this vast empty space, but it is very popular with tourists and locals and you can kind of understand why.

Huacachina Oasis, Peru-Beautiful Oases Around The World

12.Ubari Oasis, Libya

You can instantly see why this is seen as being one of the most beautiful oases anywhere in the world. As you can imagine this is also a focal point for local people to visit and indeed a lot of trading takes place along its banks.

Ubari Oasis, Libya-Beautiful Oases Around The World



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