Beautiful Caves Around The World

Saturday, Mar 27, 2021, 1:17 pm
By:Tony Williams

1.Marble Cave - Rio Tranquilo, Brazil

The Marble Caves were formed by waves washing against the calcium carbonate walls of the Patagonian Andes for over 6000 years. Reflecting an electric sky blue from the waters of Lake Azure, guests can embark on a thirty minute guided tour of these gorgeous caves carved into solid marble along the Chile Argentina border.

Marble Cave - Rio Tranquilo, Brazil-Beautiful Caves Around The World

2.Glowworm Cave - Waitomo, New Zealand

Waitomo, New Zealand is home to the Glowworm Cave. Infested with these glowing insects that are the size of a mosquito, at night the cave glows with a beautiful light show. With guided boat rides under the sky of glowworms, explorers experiences over 120 years of natural and cultural history.

Glowworm Cave - Waitomo, New Zealand-Beautiful Caves Around The World

3.The Mlynki Cave - Ukraine

In the cold Ukraine there lies a cave with twisting and turning passages that are lined with gypsum crystals. The Mlynki cave looks as if it has stars due to the light reflection coming from the amazing crystals. With almost thirty miles of winding passageways, it is a cave worth exploring.

The Mlynki Cave - Ukraine-Beautiful Caves Around The World


4.Cave Of Crystals - Mexico

One of the most unique caves in the world, the Cave Of Crystals in Naica, Chihuahua, Mexico, lies 980 beneath the ground and house gigantic selenite crystals hanging from the ceilings to the ground, crisscrossing and forming a maze. The crystals are considered some of the biggest natural crystals ever found in the world.

Cave Of Crystals - Mexico-Beautiful Caves Around The World

5.Carlsbad Caverns - Carlsbad, New Mexico

The Carlsbad Caverns in Carlsbad, New Mexico are made up of natural limestone. The Big Room is about 4,000 feet long, 255 feet high at its highest point and 625 feet wide. Considered the seventh largest cave in the world and the largest chamber in North America, the caves are breathtaking to behold.

Carlsbad Caverns - Carlsbad, New Mexico-Beautiful Caves Around The World

6.Gourffre Berger Cave - France

Three thousand six hundred and eighty feet deep, the Gouffre Berger Cave is located in France, 1000 feet below the earth's surface. The first cave to be exploited, it is named after Joseph Berger, the Frenchman who discovered the colossal cavern. Explorers access the cave via ropes from the top, propelling all the way down.

Gourffre Berger Cave - France-Beautiful Caves Around The World

7.Onondaga Cave - Missouri

You don't have to go overseas to find some of the most beautiful caves in the world. In Missouri, at the Missouri National Park, the Onondaga Cave features dripping stalacites hanging from red rock into green hued water. Like a kaleidoscope,the colors are breathtaking. Floating rock formation in the water reflect off the walls, creating a shimmering effect.

Onondaga Cave - Missouri-Beautiful Caves Around The World

8.Enchanted Well - Brazil

The Enchanted Caves in Brazil are located in the Chapada Diamantina National Park. Diamonds and gold are know to have been found in the electric blue waters of this serene cave. Formed by several rivers, the water running through them are often colored red because of the tannin in the water.

Enchanted Well - Brazil-Beautiful Caves Around The World

9.Sarawak Chamber - Malaysia

Located in Malaysia, the Sarawak Chamber is a 2300 foot long cave that is 1300 feet wide and 230 feet high. As part of Gunung Mulu National Park, the cave is considered to be the largest underwater chamber in the world, three times the size of the Big Room in the Carlsbad Caverns in New Mexico.

Sarawak Chamber - Malaysia-Beautiful Caves Around The World

10.Cave Of Swallows - Aquismon, Mexico

The 11th deepest cave in the world is the Cave Of Swallows, located in Auismon, Mexico. This cave, the 2nd deepest in Mexico, is 1092.5 feet deep on the lowest side and 1213 feet deep on the highest side. Daredevils take on the challenge of freefalling into the dark cave.

Cave Of Swallows - Aquismon, Mexico-Beautiful Caves Around The World

11.Jeita Grotto Cave - Lebanon

In Lebanon the Jeita Grotto Cave is home to the biggest stalacite in the world. Stalacites are mineral deposits that hang from limestone cave ceilings. This cave is made up of two interconnected limestone caves, with the lower grotto measuring 20,300 feet long and containing an underwater river and lake.

Jeita Grotto Cave - Lebanon-Beautiful Caves Around The World

12.Skocjan Caves - Slovenia

The Skocjan Caves are a natural wonder of the world, ranking up there with Mount Everest, The Great Barrier Reef, and The Grand Canyon. Formed in Cretaceous and Paleocene limestone, the length of the caves reach up to 20,342 feet long. Located in Slovenia, they are a magnificent sight to behold.

Skocjan Caves - Slovenia-Beautiful Caves Around The World



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