Amazing Ways To Propose

Wednesday, Aug 11, 2021, 9:40 am
By:Tony Williams

1.Fun Ways of Asking

Some like the novel approach so if you have friends with nerves of steel this way will definitely impress the woman you want to marry. Just ignore the woman at the front who is looking terrified as she is not part of it.

Fun Ways of Asking-Amazing Ways To Propose

2.Weekend Away To Remember

Take her away for a weekend and get the hotel to rig up the room for you! This will seem both determined and cute, but do make sure that she is going to say yes or it could be an awkward weekend.

Weekend Away To Remember-Amazing Ways To Propose

3.The Knee

Getting onto one knee to ask will probably push the odds up that she will acccept. Choosing beautiful surroundings and of course having the ring ready will all make it a beautiful proposal she will remember.

The Knee-Amazing Ways To Propose


4.Reach for the sky

Depending on how flush you are you could get your proposal written in the clouds. Nothing seems quite so romantic, but make sure she is in the right place at the right time.

Reach for the sky-Amazing Ways To Propose

5.Mile High Club With A Difference

Get her to fly to a seductive destination then when she lands get these guys to help you out. This is certainly a way to get her to say yes just because of the planning that has gone into it.

Mile High Club With A Difference-Amazing Ways To Propose


You might need all the help you can get, both for morale and for cuteness. Chat to the family cat if possible, but do be aware that they could decide at the last moment that they want nothing to do with it all.

Purr!-Amazing Ways To Propose


Scrabble is a great way of getting those words out! Make sure to have the ring ready though and do check that she likes the game in the first place.

Scrabble-Amazing Ways To Propose


They say when you are in love there are fireworks! Use them to your best advantage in order to ask her for her hand in marriage, but do get a professional company to do it so it looks cool.

Fireworks-Amazing Ways To Propose

9.Write A Book

When popping the question you could write a book, or journal listing the reasons as to why you think he or she is amazing. This is very personal and shows them you have been working hard on it.

Write A Book-Amazing Ways To Propose

10.What's On The Menu?

Taking your loved one to dinner then asking her to marry you should cinch the deal. Particularly if it is on the menu. Just do some forward planning and get the restaurant on side.

What's On The Menu?-Amazing Ways To Propose

11.Surprise Tactics

Seeing 'Will You Marry Me' at the bottom of a tea cup is a great way of asking the big question! The only thing you need to be aware of is making sure the right person gets the right cup.

Surprise Tactics-Amazing Ways To Propose

12.Marry Me By Candlelight

Asking the love of your life to marry you never looked better. Rows of beautiful candles spell out this guys heartfelt intentions and you have to say that he has done exceptionally well here.

Marry Me By Candlelight-Amazing Ways To Propose



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