Amazing Coincidences Ever

Friday, Jul 15, 2022, 3:38 pm
By:Tony Williams

1.Louis XVI

Louis VXI was warned to be wary of the date, the 21st. He refused to do any business on that day, but after the revolution he was arrested on the 21st, tried on a different 21st of the month, and finally was executed on yet another 21st of a different month, so perhaps they were correct about him needing to avoid that date.

Louis XVI-Amazing Coincidences Ever

2.Twin heart attacks

In the UK, two twins ended up having a heart attack at the exact same time as one another even though they lived 80 miles apart. They both also ended up dying shortly after getting into hospital and both families were unaware of the unfolding drama with the other one until they both called to say the other one had died.

Twin heart attacks-Amazing Coincidences Ever

3.George D. Bryson

At a hotel in Louisville, Kentucky in the 50's a guy called George D Bryson was checking into his hotel room. He asked if there was any mail for him, presumably for a bit of a joke, but was surprised to find out that there was. However, that mail was for the previous occupant of the hotel room who just ended up being somebody else called George D Bryson.

George D. Bryson-Amazing Coincidences Ever

4.Taxi driver

How big a coincidence is the fact that two brothers ended up being killed by the very same taxi driver even though there was a year between the two incidents? Both brothers were killed on the same moped on the same bit of road and the taxi driver was carrying the same passenger.

Taxi driver-Amazing Coincidences Ever

5.Halley's Comet

This comet is famous, but for Mark Twain it meant the beginning and end of his life. He was born on the very day in 1835 when it was visible and in 1909 he predicted that when it reappeared the following year that would be the end of him. He died on the very same day that is appeared in 1910.

Halley's Comet-Amazing Coincidences Ever

6.Fiction is closer to the truth

Norman Mailer ended up being closer to the truth than he thought when he wrote Barbary Shore. It was all about a spy for Russia living in the US, but just as he was finishing the book they arrested the guy in the floor above him who was a US colonel, but who was spying for the Russians just like in his book.

Fiction is closer to the truth-Amazing Coincidences Ever

7.Poker son

In 1858, Robert Fallon ended up being killed by people he was playing at poker as they thought he cheated. He had $600 winnings, but nobody wanted that money as they thought it was cursed, so they got a brand new player who turned that $600 into $2000. It turned out it was his son who he had not seen for years.

Poker son-Amazing Coincidences Ever

8.Monk saver

Joseph Aigner tried to kill himself on several occasions, but on each occasion the same monk managed to find him and save his life. However, he finally managed to kill himself more than 40 years after he first tried to and his [email protected] service was hosted by the same monk even though he never knew his name.

Monk saver-Amazing Coincidences Ever

9.Edgar Allan Poe

He wrote a book where four people were in an open boat and drifting and after a few days killed the cabin boy called Richard Parker for food. Just four years later there were four people in a boat and thy did indeed kill the cabin boy who was actually called Richard Parker.

Edgar Allan Poe-Amazing Coincidences Ever


A pair of twins were separated at birth. Both ended up being named James, they both got the same job, had same interests, married somebody called Linda, had sons and called them the same, divorced, married somebody else called Betty, and both had a dog called Toy. Neither knew of each other.

Twins-Amazing Coincidences Ever

11.Baby saver

Joseph Figlock should have been known as the baby saver, but only for one baby. On two different occasions he saved its life after it fell out of a window one year apart and on both occasions it landed on him with that being enough to break its fall.

Baby saver-Amazing Coincidences Ever

12.James Dean's car

James Dean died in his Porsche. When taken away, the engine fell out and broke the legs of the mechanic. The engine was bought and put in another car with the driver then killed in a race and in the same race another driver died in a car that had the driveshaft. It was repaired and the garage went on fire, it fell off display and injured somebody then it fell apart all on its own.

James Dean's car-Amazing Coincidences Ever



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